Denver SEO Job – seOverflow Is Hiring

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Looking for an SEO job in Denver, here is a job description for our most recent opening:

About seOverflow

seOverflow is an interactive marketing firm specializing in providing outsourced search engine optimization and pay per click management services to web designers, marketing consultants, SEO companies, and directly to businesses. Our services include search engine optimization, keyword research, site audit reports, pay per click campaigns, viral marketing campaigns, content distribution and website analytics. Our full range of interactive marketing solutions has helped our clients produce positive results including increasing website traffic, improving website usability, and converting more visitors into customers.

Job Description
seOverflow seeks an organic search engine optimization specialist to join our expert internet marketing staff. This position will focus mainly on on-page optimization including keyword research, site architecture recommendations and implementation, optimization of content, and other related activities.

Job Responsibilities

– Understand each client’s business model, culture, organization and objectives.

– Develop target keyword lists.

– Perform competitive analysis.

– Analyze website architecture, content, linking and other factors to identify issues and opportunities for SEO.

-Implement on-page optimization tactics by editing HTML on client sites.

– Provide detailed, written recommendations to clients to improve website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO positions for target keywords.

– Work flexibly with clients based on their needs, which may involve team-oriented, development approaches as well as traditional document deliverables.

– Continually work with clients to assist with implementation of recommended changes, answer questions, develop SEO strategies, review planed projects for SEO factors, run and analyze reports, and other tasks that will drive ongoing improvement in client SEO positions.

– Monitor and research industry trends related to SEO to continually improve knowledge and skills, and communicate new ideas and trends to clients and co-workers.

-Write and assemble custom monthly reports for clients.


– 2+ years of SEO experience

Confident with technical skills including html, css and some javascript.

– Track record of analyzing SEO issues and opportunities, and providing and implementing recommendations to improve ranking positions.

– Knowledge of SEO techniques and factors that drive long term success, and awareness of “black hat” or other techniques that might damage customer success.

– Knowledge of technical aspects of SEO, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, URL structures, keyword analysis, content optimization, search engine spiders, indexes and algorithms, website session management, and other factors that can impact SEO.

– Excellent oral and written communication skills.

– Ability to be self directed, highly motivated and have fun while working hard in a startup environment.


Mike Belasco has been honing his Internet skills since the early '90s, in both corporate and startup environments. Today, Belasco’s companies, Inflow and its sister company ConversionIQ, make Search Engine and Conversion Optimization available and affordable to companies of all sizes.