Mike Belasco To Speak at SES Chicago/Local Search Summit

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Mike Belasco To Speak at SES Chicago/Local Search Summit

Posted by Mike Belasco on December 7th, 2009

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I am honored to speak at the upcoming Local Search Summit (at SES Chicago) on ‘Analytics For Local Search’. I’ll be covering topics such as common road blocks in tracking local search efforts, the future of tracking local search, call tracking, and more. I’ll also be performing live demostrations of techiques from our popular 7 part series “Google Analytics For Local Search“. If you are going to be at SES Chicago, please find me and say!  If there are any special questions or concerns you have on the topic of Analytics for Local Search please let me know ASAP so I can cover them in my presentation. My session will be on Tuesday December 8 at 4:15-5:30 PM.


Mike has been honing his internet skills since the early 90s, in both corporate and start up environments. Today, Mike’s companies, Inflow and its sister company, ConversionIQ, make Search Engine and Conversion Optimization available and affordable to companies of all sizes.

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1 Comment on “Mike Belasco To Speak at SES Chicago/Local Search Summit

    I wish I could be there. Will you be putting your deck online for all to see?

    PS: “…find me and say!” typo.

    Knock ‘em dead, break a leg and give ‘em hell!

    Or better yet, enjoy your self and give a fantastic presentation.


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