Inflow PPC Case Study: Increasing Conversions, Decreasing Costs

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Increase Conversions, Decrease Costs

Inflow PPC Team

From our Paid Team


Increase in Conversions


Results: 178 percent increase in conversions, while decreasing costs by 44 percent

The Inflow Solution

Inflow provided a PPC strategy, account build-out and continues to provide ongoing optimization on a monthly basis. The focus of these campaigns drive qualified traffic for Blue Sky’s primary services, as well as target business for their seasonal services and promotions.

The campaigns were built based on service type, and then divided into repair, installation and purchase-related keywords. The overall structure was geared for ease and flexibility in order to increase the budget based on seasonality. This structure also allowed for gaining top-level insights at a glance.

AdGroups were built with a high level of granularity to allow for the most relevant messaging catered to specific keyword targets.

The Results

bluesky ppc

Blue Sky has seen month-over-month improvements and impact to their business.

By focusing on conversion rates, Inflow built a highly efficient account that is poised for growth into other paid search areas.

By promoting season-specific services, Inflow kept performance at a high level during a period that is typically considered a shoulder season. Comparing November 2013-January 2014 with the same period the year prior, Inflow has increased conversions by 178 percent, decreased cost-per-conversion by 44 percent and increased the conversion rate by 74 percent. Additionally, we have received very positive feedback regarding the quality of leads.

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