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Posted by Michael Kuehn on July 21st, 2016
Lings Cars website product page example

Most business owners have lots of expertise when it comes to customer acquisition. Your business plan may already focus on these elements: your target audience, any opportunities in the space, and an idea of how to expand. You’ve gone through a lot of work to curate your products, or maybe even produce these products yourself. Read More

Posted by Keith Hagen on July 14th, 2016
stop looking at bounce rates

Bounce rate is an awesome concept, but just doesn’t tell us much these days Bounce rate is the rate of which someone arrives at your site and then leaves without visiting another page. When sites were geared toward desktops, providing information “above the fold” and logically dividing information by page, the bounce rate was this Read More

Posted by Michael Kuehn on June 29th, 2016
data being shared by little men through a laptop

Working with new clients to optimize their websites, one of our early conversations inevitably centers on the topic of best practices. You hear this across pretty much any industry or niche, and CRO is no different. This conversation is always interesting; mainly because most clients are expecting to hear a list of items they can change Read More

Posted by Keith Hagen on June 6th, 2016
cross device testing

How to Perform Geo Targeted Testing Current testing practices were established before cross-device behavior was prevalent, making it necessary to reconsider how we do A/B testing. When a user enters an A/B test on one device, then visits again on another, they are likely to be assigned another variation of the test. This is what’s Read More

Posted by Ally Kuhn on May 19th, 2016
trello for project management

As our team at Inflow has grown, it has become necessary to track projects more efficiently. For years, iMeet Central (formerly Central Desktop) was a great system that kept everyone in the know. But recently, we noticed functions could not keep up with our growing client needs. With that in mind, we started exploring other options, Read More

Posted by Michael Kuehn on May 17th, 2016

Every good product owner, whether for a physical product, Web application, or Web page, knows the importance of measuring the success of your efforts through conversion KPIs. But it isn’t just enough to know you need to be tracking your performance – you also need to select the right indicators of success to really get Read More

Posted by Mike Belasco on April 6th, 2016
auditing google analytics illustration

How do you perform an eCommerce analytics audit? We get this question often from new clients who aren’t sure they can trust the data they’re seeing in Google Analytics or Omniture (Adobe Marketing Cloud). The overview below is for Google Analytics only, and contains sections specific to eCommerce. It never ceases to amaze me how incomplete and incorrect Read More

Posted by Michael Kuehn on March 8th, 2016
site redesign or address pain points

  Axe vs. Scalpel – Full Site Redesign or Continuous Optimization In a previous post, we discussed why during a site redesign you should engage your UX experts, whether internal or external, prior to working with designers. But should you even be conducting a redesign? This is a massive undertaking for any site, so you want Read More

Posted by Everett Sizemore on January 21st, 2016
SEO using Inflows ecommerce content audits tolkit

The more value you can add as a consultant or an employee, the better off you’ll be. As the saying goes: “You’re only worth what it costs to replace you.” So make yourself irreplaceable. We tend to erect false walls when it comes to cross-departmental collaboration. This post provides a few tips on how to throw Read More

Posted by Keith Hagen on September 29th, 2015
testing graph

When it comes to prioritizing your website testing, it’s pure numbers. A Formula to SCORE Test Opportunities It might sound harsh to say insights should lead and not your organization’s leaders, but the reality is good leaders will be the first to agree to prioritize an actionable, impactful insight that has great potential, over that Read More

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