A recent addition to our Best in Class eCommerce List, and here because of their excellent mobile site experience. Sure it could improve, but they are well ahead of the pack. Watch to see why.


KEITH HAGEN: Hey, it’s Keith from Conversion IQ [Inflow]. I am reviewing eBags.com on a mobile device. We recently added eBags.com onto our list of Best In Class eCommerce sites for conversion. We just want to give a quick review of the site and share why we love it. Let’s go pick a path.

Let’s say we’re looking for backpacks for a school kid, let’s say a fourth grader. We’re going to go into backpacks and laptop packs, school packs. Good. All right. It’s a good navigation, pretty clear. OK. Here we are again looking at school backpacks. I see that there’s a 20% off Summer Vacation Sale, use code: Sun. All right, that’s good to know. I don’t really like having to remember codes, especially when I’m on my phone. I don’t normally have anything to write it down with, but I’ll try to remember that. OK, let’s see. We’ve got 1,334 items. This is page one, how many pages are we talking about here? Oh, 29 pages, so it’s a little bit overwhelming.

I’m going to start—I want customer ratings. Let’s take a look at that, at least we’re organizing it by customer rating. So 35 ratings for this one, $179 is a little more than I want to spend. Next my criteria is going to be—this is just a kid’s backpack, so the next criteria is really going to be price. I’ve got 69 here. Let me filter next by price. OK, refinement. OK, sale, sale, I already have kids. I have everything I need to know. School age, features, most popular brands, size, customer rating, price. That was at the bottom. I was getting worried that I wouldn’t find it, but OK. Pretty good feature, it allows me to refine my search. It gives me a full facet navigation here. I’d really like to be able to find something as cheap as possible, so I’m going to check a couple. It didn’t allow me to check two, let me go back in there. I want to look at two of them, unless those are option buttons. You can’t tell from this interface whether that was a checkbox or an option button. Given that is a pop-up, I take it that is an option button. It would have been nice to have a little bit more scent there, though.

Let’s look at these. I’m looking at the highest rated backpacks under $30. OK. These are all more girls [backpacks], I’m looking for more of a boys [backpack]. All right. Let’s go over and find even more. Let’s see, boys [backpacks]. Here we go. Hopefully my other, yes, I’m still looking at under $30 and boys [backpacks] under $30. All right. Pretty good browsing experience, a little bit unclear about it. It would have been nice if I just saw a checkbox and it stayed open and gave me an option just to look at it. These aren’t striking me as boys [backpacks]. OK this one is boys [backpack]. JanSport, $24, I don’t really like that brand. Dickies, all right, Dickies I trust as a brand. One of the cool things is I’m not quite done shopping, but I’m going to add to my favorites. Simply click on it. OK, I’m going to add to my favorites. It didn’t take me away. It didn’t make me register, so I’m loving that. Let me scroll down. What else do we have? This looks like a good one. OK. OK. All right. I’m going to look at those three, those are the three that I have now.

I’m going to go and show them to the young boy [I’m shopping for] and see what he thinks and that sort of thing, so I’ll probably come back to the site at that point. This means just opening up my phone, my browser, going to my tab and then where this page is waiting for me. So I’m going to come back in here and go take a look at the ones that I favored it. I think from those I’m going to choose—something’s happening there. It threw in “you may also like” right in the middle of my two products. That’s a little bit disruptive and not in a good way.

OK, I’m going to go with this. There’s no “add to cart” button on this page. There’s just this little icon. I do want to see a little bit more information about this before I make a final decision. For me, it’s mainly where the padding is. It’s in five colors, that’s good to know. Gosh, I don’t think I had any clue that that was available in other colors. Did I? Let me go back to my favorites. Yes, it doesn’t tell me about what colors it’s available in. That could help me make a decision about which backpack I was adding, knowing that there were several different colors.  Let me go back into that. All right. Let’s check out these different colors. That page having to render, having to wait for that page to render, that’s just distracting. I knew it was coming, so it was holding me up and prolonging my experience. All right. There we go.

This is pretty cool. This is where eBags excels. I can see how it’s going to hang. I can see what it looks like inside; it has different areas. I can see how the bottom cushion is going to hit against the bottom of the back, so I think this is pretty good. It even lets me know how long this will arrive at my door, so I do want to know that. OK. All right. It gives it to me right away. I’m looking at June 3, which is fine, which is fine. All right. I’m going to add this to my cart. I see right as I add to cart that I get free returns, which is awesome. At this point, I don’t know if I get free shipping. I don’t see that anywhere, so I guess I don’t get free shipping, but I do get free returns in case it’s not to my satisfaction. Using free returns alone as a value proposition is still effective for me.

I want to continue to check out. I’m in my cart. I could qualify for free ground shipping if I added $36. OK, so there is a threshold and I did not know what that threshold was on the mobile device before coming here. This is something I would have liked to have known. It’s available on the desktop site in terms of a push down ribbon, but it is not available on mobile sites. Now I know I might have actually gone for a more expensive item when I was shopping. I might have changed my search criteria if I had known that, I would have looked at bags over $50. OK. Well, I’m here now. eBags loses out because I didn’t have that information while I was doing my initial search. Now I’m stuck paying shipping, not really feeling good about it because now I knew I could have avoided it, but I’m not going to go and redo my search. I’m a mobile user and I’m lazy, so I’m just going to go ahead. I’m not going to update, it gives me all of my information, I’m good with that. Where’s my “continue?” Here we go.

OK, it offers me a checkout with PayPal, which is awesome. Then I see here I can sign in. I don’t have an account; I’m not going to create an account. I’m going to check out as guest like everyone else in the world. Oh, wait a minute. Did I just see a Verisign certificate? Verisign badges have been gone for like four years now, it’s supposed to be the Norton Secure. I’m not really trusting the site now. It makes me wonder about security if they’ve got an old Verisign certificate on here. I’m not alone, that does happen in user testing.

Let’s add the shipping address. OK. There we go. I’m just going to add all of my information here. It seems like we’re all in good shape here, so let’s continue. Pretty good there, except for the Verisign glaring at me. Oh, please fill out this field. I did not notice that was missing. It’s pretty good, though. That’s pretty nice. I like how it notified me of what I was missing on a mobile device. Pretty slick, I’m liking this. I’m liking this. OK. Choose a shipping method. Let’s see. Ground shipping, what’s the price of these? I have no idea what the price is. Shipping method, value shipping, expedited shipping. That’s an additional, so value shipping I could save $2. I’ll hit value shipping. Does that change my shipping amount down here? Shipping is $2.95. If I don’t click, it’s $4.95. All right. It should really just give us the price up here so I don’t have to scroll down. I’m on a mobile phone, I can’t see everything. You’re going to tell me that I’m saving $2, what does that mean? Is that $2.95 versus $4.95? I know it says up here “$4.95,” but I’m not reading up here and down here at the same time. I didn’t even see that up top because it’s just black. I wasn’t going to pay attention to that. I paid attention to the option buttons and boxes and things like that. A little bit of optimization there, a little bit easier.

OK, going to continue here. And I get to my method of payment. I see they’re using Chase Paymentech, which makes me feel better after the whole seeing Verisign, which is still hanging out at the bottom. It’s free to upgrade, just contact Semantech and just get a new badge. Really, it’s that easy, and it will increase your conversion rate guaranteed. We’ve tested that enough to know.

OK. I’m going to leave this here. Thanks for listening to my quibbles about a very good eBag site that still has opportunities to remove some obstacles, but overall a good experience on a mobile device.