As we finally brush off our holiday hangover, February – while short – was a fantastically productive month at Inflow. Some amazing content was produced, as you will see below. We also welcomed two new team members! Michael Kuehn joined the conversion team, and Mandy Mangold joined the organic team. We obviously like “Mikes” as they now consist of almost 20% of our entire organization.  🙂

PPC Hero

The good folks over at PPC Hero ran a contest in February called the #HeroConf Guest Post Giveaway, and one of our team members JD submitted the winning entry! His post, titled 4 Google Analytics Hacks to Improve Your ROI – Frank Underwood Approved, was geared toward House of Cards fans (that also use Google Analytics)… and apparently there are a lot of them out there! JD’s winning entry won him a trip to HeroConf2015 later this month. If you’re going to be there hit him up on Twitter!

From the Inflow Blog

The (Content) Marketing Law of Attraction – Ever heard of the law of attraction? Dan applies and associates it to content marketing in this post.

7 Ways Inflow Values Wellness – A glimpse into the day-to-day life and wellness culture at Inflow.

Do You Really Need to Crawl ALL 3,435,198 Pages? – Everett dives into a more technical post exploring site crawls for extremely large sites.

Common Challenges Encountered Optimizing Websites – Michael (the ‘new’ Michael) dives into a few challenges / preconceived notions when optimizing a site.

Other Content We Enjoyed in February

Why You Should Use Web Push to Reach Your Email Marketing Haters – Web Push is a slick new tool that allows you – as a producer of content – to “push” new content to people via their web browser, similar to how you receive notifications on your smartphone. Read all about it!

The First HTTP Update in 16 Years, HTTP/2, Is Finished – [NERD ALERT] – Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the fundamental networking protocol that powers the web, and has not been updated since its initial release in 1999. Sites have become a lot more complex since then, and the release of HTTP/2 – in short – will help the Internet become a faster and more secure environment for everyone.

How Long Does it take SEO to Start Working? – As a client, this was surely one of your first questions when venturing into the world of SEO. We like how this article is framed, as the question of “when will I rank #1 for my keywords” is not necessarily as important as “when will SEO start generating more leads and sales?”

Twitter Reaches Deal to Show Tweets in Google Search Results (Take 2) – Sometime before the end of Q2, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted. This did not work out too well back in 2010, but apparently Google and Twitter see a mutually beneficial relationship which has been rekindled.

How to Stop Referrer Spam – Do you ever look at your Referring Sites report and wonder why ‘sites’ that are not actual sites (aka Referrer Spam) are showing up? It’s a PITA when this bot-traffic impersonates a referral link, but this article walks you through how to stop referrer spam – woohoo!

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