Is Google in trouble with the NSA scandal?Stories have been circulating for the last several weeks about the residuals of Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing on the NSA PRISM program. Recently the focus has shifted in many instances to identifying search engines who claim that they do not store search data. The Daily Mail highlighted a search engine that saw its traffic more than double since the news broke.

And the question on so many minds, did Edward Snowden kick off the beginning of the end for Google?

“I think most folks will quickly forget about Google’s supposed leaking of info to the NSA and be too tempted by the features and services that Google offers to stay away,” Mike Belasco, President of seOverflow said. “Google is now much much more than search for many, many people.”

Will Google’s smart integration of services save their search engine?

“Even after the NSA fallout, Google search lost zero noticeable market share. It’s good news for Duck Duck Go though, and good for them. The increase is about as effective as a new microbrewery’s effect on Coors,” SEO Strategist Rick Ramos said. “Mike said it too, Google is email, file storage, maps, directions, reviews, social connections, and on, and on, and on. Their brand is a worldwide household name, and their laundry list of convenient features keep their audience engaged on many levels, on every computing device.”

For the most part, SEOs don’t seem to be too worried about Google getting usurped by the likes of Duck Duck Go.

“Plus, they [Google] have an industry full of people who get paid to make websites work together with their software. That’s pretty difficult to compete against,” Ramos said.

It’s still pretty hard at this point to imagine a world without a Google in it. What’s your take on the long-term implications?