I just had the pleasure of presenting at the IBD Summit in Monterey, CA. What an awesome event! As I told the crowd, I don’t know much about bikes (though I know much more now), but the community of bike dealers, manufacturers and partners at the event was impressive!

My presentation (deck embedded below) consisted of doing a small research study where we took a look across five markets on what characteristics defined the bike shops that were ranking well in local search. We looked at the top seven shops listed in each market for the queries “CITYNAME bike shop” and “CITYNAME bicycle shop”.

The results we found were presented in the context of the results from the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. The raw data for the results can be found here. We used a series of tools to collect data including BrightLocal, SEMRush, MozLocal, Yext and of course good old fashion manual scraping from Google! While this was NOT a statistically significant study for many reasons, the insights were plentiful and it was quite amazing to see how the results differed from market to market.