Join us for a Keyword Wake |

Here at Inflow, we found the whole (Not Provided) shebang to be a great excuse to have a party. So in Denver, we’re hosting a wake. You can find all the details at  We honestly thought we were just being our special brand of tongue-in-cheek funny, until wakes started showing up on our map in other countries. The UK, Panama and Lebanon! It really is turning into an International Day of Mourning for Keyword Data. Not to mention there are several all over the US.

So let’s make one last push. Thursday night, after a long day of work, let’s all come together as a community (in our respective geographical communities) and enjoy some company and drinks. Let us know where you’ll be and we’re make sure we Tweet it out. Otherwise, we’ll see you all on Thursday night!  We’ll be using #keywordwake to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all the pictures and shenanigans. Once all the pics roll in, we’ll toss them up on the blog.