Results Summary

A 77% tested improvement in online sales was seen from strategically placing and optimizing the STELLA Service Award seals on

Test Parties

STELLA Service rates the customer service performance of major online stores to highlight the best places to shop on the web then awards worthy online stores with an award to let prospective customers know. The STELLA Award seal is becoming the new standard for recognizing customer service excellence of online retailers. is one of the top online stores for recreational fishing equipment.


STELLA Service awarded for “Excellent” Customer Service based its review of how it handles customer service issues. Once awarded, STELLA Service wanted to show that the Stella Service Award was worth placing on their website, and engaged Inflow’s CRO team to prove the seal could increase the website’s eCommerce conversion rate and revenue.


The CRO team conducted an A/B/N Test of the Stella Service Seal on

  • Test Period: 1 Full Week
  • Participants: 21,226
  • Variations Tested: 5

Placement: Inflow’s CRO team knew that’s shoppers, like all online shoppers, valued proof that their post-purchase experience would be a positive one, especially if there were issues or questions with their order. To bring this to the shopper’s attention, the STELLAService seal was placed in such a way that the average site visitor would certainly scan it while on the site.

Homepage Treatment

Product Page Treatment

Shopping Cart Page Treatment

Checkout Page Treatment


Context: Inflow’s CRO team recognized that online shoppers may not yet recognize or understand WHAT the STELLAService Award Seal represents, so a clear context was given to the seal by adding copy treatment that would sit adjacent to the award badge. CRO Analysts arrived at 5 copy treatments for the customer service award seal they felt would let customers know what the award was for, and what it means to them.

Test Results

In the end, 3 of the 5 STELLA Service Award variations saw a lift:

  • Original Treatment (Control – as compared to no STELLA Service seal being on the site. This is the standard placing of the seal in the footer such as on +12.28% Improvement with 70% Confidence.
  • Adding “High Quality Customer Service” (winning variation): +77.70% Improvement with 99.67% Confidence
  • Adding “Top Rated for Customer Service”: +56.80% Improvement with 98.21% Confidence


Analyst Notes

When STELLAService asked us to optimize their badge on the site, where to start was pretty clear, as we felt that online shoppers just did not understand what the award was for, and if they knew, they would trust the site more. We know that the customer service concerns are forefront in the customer’s minds today, even more than online security, and if they had the assurance that the online store had good post-purchase customer service, they would convert much higher.

We believe that benefited so much from the STELLA Award because its online shoppers greatly valued excellent customer service and the seal provided the assurance that many needed to “pull the trigger.” While this may not be so extreme for all online stores, it is bound to have a positive impact with those that are 1st-time customers, and do not yet have established the trust required in a website to make an online purchase.

Since this seal is so common and powerful, companies should display their STELLAService seal if they have them (Find out if your store has a rating yet). If they don’t have an award yet, they should start the process of requesting it, as for them, like, it might be a game-changer.