Social Media Stalkers Get The AxeIt happens. Every so often you may find yourself or your company in an online reputation management situation. People aren’t always going to like you, or your brand.  Really, it’s okay. However, you do need to make sure you manage your social media channels to avoid unnecessary drama.

This post will give you the current (and I say that with half smile on my smug little face) ways to disengage a problem child/stalker/ not-good-for-your-brand person from your social media assets.

Quick note: Under no circumstance should you engage this party. Perhaps you’ve heard of that restauranteur couple from Kitchen Nightmares who went on the defensive after a disastrous appearance on the show. They just didn’t know when to stop “fighting back” to clear their name and the results made them a hot Internet item for all the wrong reasons.  You don’t want a page dedicated to your crazy rants to someone online. Just don’t.


To Block from Twitter:

  • Click on user’s name and select the person icon next to the “Follow” button
  • From the drop down choose block.


To Block on Facebook:

  • Pull up the person’s profile
  • Next to the gear icon there is a drop down
  • Whether you are friends or not, you can select to “Block”
  • Then click “Confirm”


Limit your profile on LinkedIn:

You cannot block someone on your LinkedIn profile, so it may be wise to take your profile private for the time being. —

Your public profile appears when people search for you using a public search engine like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. You can edit your public profile from the Edit Profile page.

To hide your public profile:

  •  Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile.
  • Click the Edit link next to your public profile URL in the top section of your profile. (It will be an address like
  • Click the button next to “Make my public profile visible to no one” on the right.

Note: If you disable your public profile, it may take several weeks for it to be removed from search engine results.


To Block on G+

  • Go to the person’s profile.
  • On the side of the profile (next to their name) click Report/block (the person’s name)
  • “Confirm” that you want to block that person

Again, remember that your goal is to limit the ability for this person to cause any damage to your online reputation. My recommendation is to be swift and proactive. Better to potentially further offend someone who already has a bone to pick with you, than to spend hours dealing with crisis management and rebuilding a tarnished brand.

*All information was found on the social media channels named.