I am not sure how many of you even noticed, but the homepage for seOverflow has been mixing from Google’s index since we launched the new site in early February. As you can imagine this was a bit disconcerting being that we are an SEO company and all. Really there was no reason for the index page to be missing. We quietly watched as the number of indexed pages for the site went from 3 to 9 to 15, to 20 …… All the while the homepage was completely missing from Google’s index. Not only that but some of the sub pages were actually ranking pretty well for their targeted keywords.

Next we noticed inside Google Webmaster Tools we were being told the last visit to the homepage was April 30, 2006!!! Holy crap. This had to be some type of penalty though I didn’t know why the site had been penalized. I purchased the domain from my good buddy Everett who runs a brand comparison site among other things, and happens to be one of the best SEOs I know.

Should we file a reconsideration request even though we couldn’t fess up to any wrong doing or provide any juicy details to Google? After speaking with a couple of other trusted SEOs including Mary Bowling and Andrew Shotland we decided to file with Google.

Whaddya know? About a week later (with no direct communication from Google of course), the homepage is back in the index and we rank #1 for our name among other things including our most important keywords. Now I am not going to sit here and complain since the process didn’t take all that long and we received the end result we wanted, but Google could improve the process by opening up some communication lines. Thanks for letting us back in Google, we appreciate it!