Times are tough, no doubt about it. Everywhere you look (especially In your investment accounts) you are probably seeing signals the economy is struggling.  At seOverflow, however, and throughout the SEO (search engine optimization) industry in general, times couldn’t be better. That’s not to brag; but, search engine optimization is a very viable alternative to expensive TV, print, and display advertising that companies have gotten used to. If your business is not currently working to optimize your website, you may be missing out on one of the most effective and valuable forms of advertising during this recession.

Why is SEO holding strong in these tough times?

There are many reasons SEO continues to hold strong while other areas of the advertising and marketing industry are struggling. The first reason is SEO does not require a huge investment to obtain highly qualified customers as compared to many other forms of advertising. This is an important point considering marketing budgets are usually the first to be pillaged during an economic downturn. Marketers need to do more with less, and with SEO that is a possibility. Another reason SEO has become more popular lately is the results are easy to track, and ROI can be measured and proven in almost real time. There is almost no other advertising medium that offers this accurate a level of tracking. A third reason for the recent SEO boom is the fact that more people will turn to online shopping and services to help save money at home. Most people who are looking to purchase products or services online, start at a search engine. Search engines are getting more and more popular and they are not going anywhere!

How Can SEO Help My Business During This Recession?

An effective SEO campaign can help your business by accessing a previously untapped or underutilized revenue or lead stream thereby increasing your business. Generating sales or leads from search engine traffic can be a very cost effective method of obtaining your sales or leads thereby freeing up cash to fund other business operating expenses. In addition, only nimble companies (hopefully such as yours) are able to stay ahead of their competition in tough times like this. Most competitors will just be struggling to stay afloat. Sooner or later you are probably going to need to optimize for the search engines. if you optimize before your competitors, you’ll have a competitive advantage during and when we come out of the recession.

Turn Your Lemons Into Lemonade

As my grandmother used to say, “There is always something good, that can come out of something bad.” As a business operating during these uncertain times, you need to figure out how best to turn your lemons into lemonade. This article has given you a few suggestions on how to leverage the current situation. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how best to weather this economic storm. Be smart, plan ahead and lead your business and your clients through these tough economic times.