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After more than 10 years and over 3,000 tests, we know what increases sales on eCommerce websites.
Our eCommerce Marketing Playbook features 9 winning plays from the SEO, Paid Search and Conversion Optimization experts at Inflow.

Inflow's eCommerce Marketing Playbook

A look inside our eCommerce Marketing Playbook
Conversion Optimization Trust Seals
Conversion Optimization Resources
PPC Play for Paid Search Keyword Targeting
Step-by-step Process for PPC Play: The Waterfall

Get Expert Tactics for Your Website

Here’s a preview of the eCommerce Plays included in your download:


The Stalker

Gets You Ready for Google’s “Mobile First” Update

The CRUFT Crusher

De-indexes Your Junk URLs to Boost Rankings

The Link Link

Supercharges Your Existing Inbound Links


The Waterfall

Enables Keyword Targeting Control in Google Shopping

The 411

Feeds Call Revenue Data Into AdWords for Extra Optimization

 Mobilus Maximus

Analyzes and Maximizes Your Mobile Campaigns


Seal the Deal

Increases Conversion by Highlighting the Right Trust Seals

The Distracted Driver

Fixes Mobile Navigation to Reduce Confusion

The Clipper

Keeps Coupon Hunters in Your Cart


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