Like SEO, Link Building is Not Dead. It Just Grew Up.

Effective Content Marketing, PR Outreach and Opportunity-Based Link Building

Link Building Done by Inflow

One of the biggest areas of change in the online marketing industry over the last few years has been “link building.” As the art and craft of link building has shifted, it has ushered in a new way of building relationships online: content marketing.

Link building has also matured in methods and goals, and merged significantly with traditional PR outreach. We believe this trend will continue, and dynamic agencies like Inflow will adapt and evolve as needed. Partner with us and GROW!

Inflow weaves content marketing, PR and opportunity-based link building into an integrated inbound marketing strategy.

Like SEO, link building isn’t dead. It just grew up.

Link building for the sake of improving rankings is still very effective when done right because links, for better or worse, remain a very strong indicator of a site’s authoritativeness on a given topic. PageRank, after all, formed the very foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm for a long time (The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine – Section 2.1 “PageRank: Bringing Order to the Web”).

The signals that get passed through links, such as anchor text, provide massive amounts of data to Google about semantic relationships around the web. This includes the words Google associates with your website.

Opportunity-based link acquisition continues to be effective link building. What exactly is opportunity-based link acquisition? When we use that term, we’re talking about making sure we capitalize on all the low-hanging fruit that any business should pick up in order to establish their brand, including industry organizations, vendor partnerships, and non-linking mentions of your brand.

PR and branding go hand-in-hand with content marketing, as well as the outreach tactics needed to amplify the reach of strategic content initiatives. Five years ago we developed categorized lists of directories. Now, we develop segmented lists of media contacts, brand evangelists and influencers.

Ready to stop chasing links and start building your brand in ways that align with your long-term revenue goals? If so, let’s talk.