Natural, Effective Link Building Services from Inflow Experts

link-building_round Effective Link Building and Content Marketing

Over the last several years, one of the biggest changes in the inbound marketing industry has been with link building. As the art of link building has shifted, it has also given way to a new way to build relationships online: content marketing. Both link building and content marketing have become important ways to send the right signals to search engines to reinforce the value of websites.

Opportunity-based link acquisition has become effective link building. And what exactly is opportunity based link acquisition? When we use that term, we’re talking about making sure we capitalize on all the low hanging fruit.

How it works with Inflow? Our not-so-secret natural link building services

Our team includes expert link builders dedicated to strengthening your incoming link profile with a thought out, balanced and customized strategy. It’s important to make sure our goals and your goals are not only synonymous, but also feasible. All of our link building programs are designed with the understanding that not all links on the web are created equal.

  • Sponsorships
  • Connection with your vendors
  • Discount and loyalty programs
  • Job postings
  • Alumni sites
  • Creating and nurturing relationships with influencers to amplify your message

With each of these tactics, we approach it as a “mini-campaign” of sorts. Another important aspect of our natural link building services is that we engage in link reclamation so your existing links are working harder for you.

Do you need link building?

In a word, yes. Google still uses link profiles as a big piece of their algorithm to determine how to rank sites. They continually refine ways to identify spammy link techniques, which makes genuine link building more and more important. So how do we build links naturally? We work with our clients to cultivate great relationships and look to identify every chance available to establish a healthy and effective link building opportunity. The best path with link building is to add a robust content marketing strategy to the mix.


Effective, natural link building services are largely about strategy. There are companies and directories around every corner ready to take your money in exchange for a backlink. But will they help you meet your goals, or result in penalties?  We’re here to work with you to capitalize on opportunities to obtain natural, risk-free links to your website.


An effective link building service is an ongoing process. It’s essential to monitor progress over time to maximize the return on your investment. When you work with Inflow, we update every aspect of your link building program on a regular basis.

Why Inflow?

Effective and natural link building services with Inflow ensure that you always have a team dedicated to finding every opportunity possible to strengthen your incoming link profile.