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eCommerce Conversion Optimization

Get More Revenue from Your Traffic

Our focus at Inflow is to help you convert more of your qualified traffic into sales by finding ways your site is losing customers. We then recommend what you can do to fix it and help you implement those recommendations. Our expert eCommerce conversion optimization advisors gather important insights, delve into analytics, usability, writing persuasive copy and critical A/B testing.


Find more money with Conversion Optimization

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Dedicated and A la Carte eCommerce Conversion Optimization Services

Inflow has established an impeccable track record of success in converting visits to sales and providing significant ROI to our clients through eCommerce Conversion Optimization. We offer powerful tools and resources, plus the expertise and business skills, to leverage these resources in order to improve your website. Inflow offers dedicated and ongoing eCommerce Conversion Optimization programs, as well as a la carte Conversion Optimization services (as part of our Inbound Marketing or Paid Search and Social services).

Deep eCommerce Analysis

We are driven by data and research, so we can truly understand your business and customers and provide the insights needed to get results. We go to great lengths to truly understand your customers, which often includes customer interviews, customer service team interviews, online polls, data aggregation sources, highly complex Web analytics research and more. When possible, we even go as far as becoming a real customer ourselves so we can learn the entire customer experience with your business from start to finish.

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Detailed Insights and Recommendations for Improvement

Based on our analysis, we derive insights for how to improve your website, which are then prioritized based on potential ROI and required effort. We develop tailored recommendations on how to improve your eCommerce conversions based on analysis and insights. We’ll present our recommendations for your approval.


All our recommendations are tested to prove their true impact on your bottom line. We’ve literally written the book on eCommerce website conversion testing and bring the experience of running more than 2,500 tests in the last few years. We’ll even help to make sure the winner of our test is implemented properly on your website.

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Results-based Relationships

Simply put, our conversion programs are designed to increase sales on your eCommerce website. We prove our value by providing results, and we seek to become an extension of your team who will help you deliver results. Our team provides and leverages the most effective and proven insights, tools and business expertise in the industry in order improve your website and business. We’ve run more than 2,500 tests with 96 percent of our clients seeing a 30 percent – or more – lift in conversion rates. Our results speak for themselves.

Meet Our Team!

Chances are we already have experience working with eCommerce businesses in your industry and can draw parallels or pull solutions from dozens of other industries for which we have pioneered optimizations. We adapt and tailor our knowledge and experience to develop strategies and action plans to integrate and improve your business. That puts you at an advantage over your competitors, who become our competitors too.

Our conversion and optimization team is comprised of only senior-level advisors, who have managed in-house Web teams, owned complete Web development projects and efforts and have been responsible for P&L of entire business units. We understand the practical, strategic and political aspects of managing and optimizing the online side of your business.