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eCommerce Marketing Hub - Copywriting

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The value of copywriting on an eCommerce site cannot be understated. Strong copy can not serve to persuade, drive sales, and communicate your brand’s personality; it can also help your company rank through quality content and relevant keywords. These linked resources can help you to develop, scale, and organize your copywriting efforts.

eCommerce Marketing Hub - SEO

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The majority of online activity begins with a search. Search engines are an ubiquitous element of the online experience and this is especially true for consumers shopping online. By optimizing your site for search engines, you can not only increase traffic to your site but also target the right kind of traffic in order to increase sales. These linked resources will help you create, implement, and maintain short and long-term SEO strategies to help you site rank.

eCommerce Marketing Hub - Email

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When done right, email marketing can be a cost-effective way to increase sales by promoting products, maintain customer loyalty, and can even help get traffic to your site before you’ve begun to rank. Whether you’re creating a full-email campaign, building your email list, or searching for a way to more effectively manage your email marketing processes, these resources can help you get started.

eCommerce Marketing Hub - Technology

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Technology today is helping customers quickly find what they’re looking for, keep track of their purchases, and interact with online retailers. Tools included in these resources like product review software, website call tracking, and project management systems can help eCommerce businesses track various logistics and maintain high levels of customer service.

eCommerce Marketing Hub - CRO

Topic Overview

As competition continues to increase in the SEO and PPC spaces, online businesses are beginning to recognize the important of including an element of conversion rate optimization to ensure that when visitors land on their site, they are quickly turned into customers. CRO can help ensure that sites are easy to navigate, appear trustworthy, and make it simple to complete purchases. These resources can help you calculate your conversion rate, optimize your eCommerce site for mobile shoppers, and find out what the most successful brands are doing to increase conversions.

eCommerce Marketing Hub - Paid Search

Topic Overview

Promotion through paid advertising (including search ads and social ads), can provide businesses with an easily measurable way to reach out to new customers. These resources can help you learn how to run top-performing ads in Google Ads, lower your CPA in Google Shopping campaigns, and promote your products using Facebook ads.

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