The frequency that you send out emails will vary depending on the industry you’re in or the segment you’re talking to. If you’re struggling to come up with newsletter ideas, one way to fill in some of the gaps is by looking at upcoming events and holidays; big, small and weird.

Major Holidays and Events

Start with major holidays, both worldwide and nationally. The most recognized holidays are easy, like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. But there are so many others you’re missing out on.

If your business is in the U.S. and you deliver to the U.K., figure out what holidays are happening in the U.K. If you ship worldwide, the list of holidays to choose from is endless.

Pick an upcoming holiday, event or observance and find a way to relate it to your business. Or simply run a special in celebration of the holiday.

Bizarre, Weird and Interesting Holidays

There are some great sites you can use to find fun, bizarre and interesting holidays.

Check out Don’t let the outdated design of BrownieLocks fool you. This site has the most comprehensive list of observances online. Pick a month and scroll down the page to find a large list of holidays and observances for a specific day, week or even an entire month-long event.

Another site worth looking into is They have mostly the same list of holidays that Brownielocks does, but I’ve found a few differences. Checkiday also has a much better internal search feature, possibly saving you some time.

How You Can Use Holidays to Craft Newsletters

There are so many holidays to pick from, you’ll never run out of ideas for your email marketing.

Did you know that February is Dog Training Education Month? If you sell pet-related products, you can run a month-long special or contest giveaway.

Are you a dentist? Send out an email celebrating Root Canal Awareness Week, which runs from March 27 — April 2. You can promote root canal content from your site in your newsletter all week long.

Or how about a 24-hour flash sale? If you run a pizza shop, National Deep Dish Pizza Day is on April 5.

The great thing about creating holiday-based newsletters is that you can reuse them. If one of your email campaigns does well, update it and run it again next year!