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Thanks for taking the time to check out open positions at Inflow! There’s no doubt that you’re thinking about some amazing options for your next career move right about now. And we’d like to share a few things about what working at Inflow would be like, and who we want to join our team.

Inflow is an inbound marketing agency based in Denver with roots in SEO, PPC and content marketing. Our Attract, Convert, Grow approach to digital marketing starts with an in-depth understanding of each client’s goals, resources, audience, and customer acquisition channels in order to provide high-level strategies and support implementation of well-planned campaigns.  Learn more about our team and what we do.

The Goal

When CEO Mike Belasco started Inflow his goal was to create a place where he (and eventually other staff) was excited to come to work everyday. Sounds simple right?

In order to be excited about coming to work there are some key ingredients that should be in place:

  • Great clients with great relationships
  • Great results for those clients
  • Awesome teammates (professionally and personally)
  • Work/life “balance”
  • Fun and creative office environment
  • Enough profit to thrive, grow, and give-back to our community (we are a business after all )


Excited already? Jump to our listing of all open positions.

What Guides Us

We use a Vision-Based Framework to guide our direction as a company and to make sure Inflow is a place where all of our staff is excited about coming to work everyday. Our Core Purpose is to “Grow and connect brands with their ideal customer, in order to improve those individuals’ quality of life (or work).” Our Strategic Vision is to build-up brands through online inbound marketing, including organic and paid online advertising, as well as conversion optimization. Some of the Core Values that guide us include 212: The Extra Degree, Accuracy, Adaptability, Agility, Education, Fun, Ingenuity, Integrity, Passion, and Teamwork.

So have we succeeded with the goal of creating a place where we are all excited to come to work everyday? Let’s explore:

Great Clients With Great Relationships

Inflow is proud to work with a large variety of awesome clients. Some you may have heard of, some maybe not yet :). Most of our clients have been with us for several years and we’ve become trusted “partners” in their businesses. Check out our testimonials for several examples of these clients and relationships.

5280 The Denver Magazine LogoWorking with Inflow was so easy. The Strategist, Mike Vallano, kept me informed of the process the whole way through our project. The importance of Internet marketing has only grown over the years and I knew Inflow was a team that understood the significance of our project and  the impact it could potentially have on our business making the conversions we needed. I highly recommend Inflow for your digital marketing projects.

Cassie Noyes, 5280 Magazine

Great Results For Those Clients

Grow online traffic concept imageWe do some amazing and creative work for our clients, assisting them in growing their brand online. Check out some of our Case Studies for a small snapshot of our work.


Awesome Teammates Professionally and Personally

Most of us already have our 10,000 hours in. We speak at industry events like Search Engine Strategies (SES), Business Marketing Association (BMA) events, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), SMX Advanced and other marketing conferences within various industries. You will find articles written by our team, and interviews of our team members, on website like, Volusion eCommerce, Search Engine Journal, Kapost, Simply Business, LinkedIn, SEMPDX, Business Catalyst Gurus, Search Engine Land, and more.

Mike Belasco, Inbound Marketer

Mike Belasco

President and CEO

Everett Sizemore, SEO

Everett Sizemore

Director of R&D and Special Projects

Monica Valdez

Director of Paid Search

Dan Kern


Keith Hagen

Keith Hagen

ConversionIQ Co-Founder & Lead Analyst

Todd Barrs

Todd Barrs

Director of Product Development

Everett Sizemore directed Gaiam’s SEO department for nearly five years before joining Inflow as Director of R&D. Dan Kern was in charge of a large network of online retail and content sites for several years before coming to Inflow. Keith Hagen and Todd Barrs on our Conversion IQ team have decades of combined experience optimizing conversion rates on eCommerce websites. Even our President & CEO, Mike Belasco, continues to run an eCommerce site just to stay sharp.

Here are a few Inflow resources that may give you a better idea of our expertise:

Inflow Holiday Greeting Card - From Denver with Love, 2014

Work/Life “Balance”

We understand that in order to perform your best at work, you must be fresh and full of energy. Our generous vacation policy, flexible work-from-home options and limit on billable hours per employee makes sure our employees can not only be excited about coming to work, but also excited about life outside of work. Among us we count bicycle racers, roller derby athletes, fantasy football fanatics, beer connoisseurs, a certified BBQ judge, video game nerds, real estate investors, pet lovers and many other diverse interests. We’ve also recently won an award for being a healthy workplace!


Fun and Creative Office Environment

Remember when Google killed keyword data? We held a wake for the Denver Internet Marketing Community!

 In loving memory of keyword data - A Global Marketing Mourning Event

What did we do when we needed some art in the office? We created it!

Left to right: JD Prater, Everett Sizemore, Dan Kern Wall Art for our Denver offices by our internet marketing team!

When all else fails, F-It, let’s go bowling!

Sara and Alexis - Sales and Marketing Hugs

Monica, Princess of PPC

JD Photobombs Everett

Enough Profit to Thrive, Grow, and Give-Back

Another goal of Inflow’s is to make the world a better place than it was when we found it. The more profit we generate, the easier it is to make a difference with our time and money. The bigger we grow (we ultimately want to stay below 50 team members), the more we can give back. We’ve been on the Denver Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Private Company list five (5) years in a row! I guess you could say we are growing!

We give back to the community through donations, clothing drives, staff volunteer projects and occasionally some pro-bono work.

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Ready To Work At Inflow?

Below you’ll find links to a page for each open position. If you don’t see a position that fits you right now, go ahead and fill out this quick form letting us know what you are looking to do every day at Inflow and we’ll see if there is a fit.

Open Positions at Inflow

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