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eCommerce Inbound Marketing—Let’s Grow Your Business!

What is Inbound Marketing for eCommerce?

Inbound Marketing for eCommerce is a holistic approach to online marketing, which includes the following:

  1. Attracting the right traffic to your site using channels like content marketing, SEO, PPC and Social.
  2. Converting early and mid buying-stage traffic into email subscribers using list growth techniques like gated content that require a name and email address in order to access the resource (e.g. comprehensive buying guide PDF) or instant offers (e.g. 10% Off Your Next Order).
  3. Converting mid and late buying-stage traffic into new customer using conversion optimization techniques.
  4. Converting email subscribers into new customers with lead nurturing and highly targeted/segmented offers.
  5. Growing your eCommerce brand with email retention strategies that turn contacts into new customers, new customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into brand evangelists.


Inflow calls this the “Attract. Convert. Grow” approach to eCommerce marketing.

The simple idea is that one shouldn’t spend most of their budget driving traffic into the top of the funnel if existing traffic could easily convert better. But if the traffic isn’t there to begin with, conversion rate optimization (CRO) will be difficult to test and implement. If a large email list is getting a weekly, non-segmented offer blast, a good place to start may be smarter list segmentation so you can send more targeted offers.


It all starts with an Inbound Marketing Strategy and Roadmap

Based on gaining a deep understanding of your business and customers, conducting a detailed Inbound Audit and developing your customer personas, Inflow® will develop an Inbound Marketing Roadmap for your brand.

The Inbound Strategy and Roadmap summarizes our research, details your personas and lays out a specific Inbound Marketing strategy to meet your business goals. Your Strategist will work directly with you to implement the Strategy and Roadmap and work through obstacles, meet your goals and grow your business!

Attract Traffic

Traffic is the food that feeds the Inbound Marketing machine. We’ll use tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, paid digital advertising, content marketing and more, to attract traffic to your brand. The Strategy we’ll build and execute for attracting traffic is all about using the right marketing channel to get the right message to the right person at the right time.



Convert Visitors into Customers

Even if you manage to attract traffic, most websites have a conversion rate of 10 percent or less. That means 90 percent of the traffic you’re working so hard to attract remains anonymous and/or disappears. Developing multiple and meaningful content allows you to capture more of your traffic, nurturing these leads into customers. This strategy works for eCommerce sites as well. In addition, our Conversion Optimization Specialists can work to improve conversions on the traffic that is “ready” to convert directly into customers.

Grow Your Brand

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus more on keeping existing customers instead of spending more time and money on acquiring new ones? That just so happens to be what we are all about. We will help you build brand loyalty with our Inbound toolbox. Happy customers are returning customers. In addition, they’re the ones who will tell their friends about you!



Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the technology that allows us to attract, convert and grow your customers at scale, working smarter, not harder.

We currently use HubSpot as well as other platforms, including Klaviyo and Windsor Circle, to power marketing automation for our clients. We have more than 10 certified HubSpot individuals on staff and we are currently a HubSpot Silver Partner. Yeah, we’re pretty proud of that.

We Report Directly To You

Accountability is paramount to what we do.

Our monthly reporting is transparent, and your Strategist is available to you at all times to dig into any questions that come up. Every month, we’ll monitor and track the progress made toward your goals so you know the true ROI of your Inbound Marketing program.


What It’s Like To Work With Us

At Inflow®, we don’t believe in Account Executives. You work directly with your Strategist for success. No middle men!

You’ll be assigned a Strategist who will be your partner and go-to on your account. Plus, all of our Strategists are Inbound Marketing certified and HubSpot Certified Individuals.


Communicating with your Strategist is efficient and easy. Phone and email work fine for us and we’d imagine they do for you also. We have our meetings with you on your schedule at a frequency that actually works for you.


Your Strategist leads the way and a team of Specialists will help support you in reaching your goals. The Specialists are highly trained in areas of paid search/ PPC, conversion optimization, technical SEO, content creation, marketing and much more.


The most important thing you should know about working with us is that we genuinely appreciate your business and we’ll go out of our way to show you.

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