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Rick Ramos


When Rick Ramos was in third grade, his mom, who was an MS-DOS programmer at the time, taught him how to write his own PC games and introduced him to online bulletin board systems. It was then that he fell in love with the Internet. There was no turning back. The native Coloradan was destined to become an SEO Strategist for Inflow.

Ramos began his online career in 1999 by building portfolio websites for local artists in exchange for their original artwork. He learned about SEO while working in the customer support department of a Denver-based domain name registrar. After publishing websites for so long, it was only natural to take the next step and learn how to make them marketable.

While creative problem-solving is his forte, he also excels at technical optimization and penalty analysis and recovery. Seeing the positive results stemming from recommendations he makes keeps his spirits high in this constantly evolving industry.

Outside of the office, Ramos likes to publish websites that promote local art and artists all around the U.S. His “Unseen” projects have won various awards and have even appeared in the New York Times.

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