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Ally Kuhn

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Ally Kuhn

With close to five years of eCommerce and digital marketing experience, Allyson Kuhn specializes in user experience, website customization and promotional campaign conversion strategies.

As a prior site management specialist for a large Fortune 500 organization, Kuhn has worked with some of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers, including Nike, Under Armour, Columbia, The North Face, GoPro and many others. She helped these companies build online promotional programs, develop marketing spots and manage their eCommerce product lines. In addition to promotional campaign strategies, Kuhn has experience developing and managing digital campaigns designed to track traffic, conversion and sales, while also providing valuable customer insight for future strategic decision making and problem solving.

Kuhn was born and raised in a small town in Iowa before graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Arts in advertising. After earning her degree, she moved to Chicago, Phoenix and then eventually made her way to beautiful Denver, Colorado.

When not working with clients, she can be found skiing the slopes of Colorado, hiking, biking, running, or honing her stellar board game and air guitar skills.

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