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Tim Hampton

CRO Advisor

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Back when the iPhone App Store was in its infancy, Tim Hampton saw a big opportunity to claim his spot in the tech world. During the creation of his app’s website, he saw just how powerful SEO could be and decided to become a part of it. Since 2012, Hampton has been a part of Inflow, specializing in technical, local and mobile SEO and now CRO.

Certified in Google Analytics and Adwords, Hampton is known throughout the company for his problem-solving skills, especially those related to Google Places for Business. With the growth of mobile technology exploding over the past few years, local SEO is an ever-changing landscape and a constant challenge that he welcomes wholeheartedly.

Hampton attended the University of Colorado Denver where he pursued a degree in film studies. However, he left Colorado for LA to really learn the business. Back in his home state after a 12-year hiatus, he spends his time away from the office enjoying the outdoors with his family, cheering on the Denver Nuggets and building Lego masterpieces with his two boys.

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