Ariel Steeber

Former Paid Strategist 

Ariel Steeber

Born and raised a cheesehead, Ariel Steeber loves her new, Colorado lifestyle and working at Inflow. Ariel went to school at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, where she majored in French and international studies with a minor in business. After a conversation with a marketing director, she landed an internship where she lead the company’s paid search initiative and quickly fell in love with digital marketing.

Steeber comes to Inflow with a diverse paid search background specializing in eCommerce and ways to maximize ROI. She’s thrilled to get the chance to collaborate with a forward thinking team and use her previous experience in PPC marketing to generate big ideas.

When she’s not busy working on the next best marketing campaign, she enjoys yoga, cooking vegan meals, nerdy documentaries and going on escapades in the mountains.


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