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Huge Revenue Increase After Data-Oriented Campaign Changes

Inflow PPC Team

From Our Paid Search Team


Growth in Revenue


Results: Costs only increased approximately 9 percent while revenue grew by 199 percent

Case Study Details

The PPC team noticed there was no call tracking implemented to determine where some conversions were coming from, and lack of tracking made it hard to determine the full value of campaigns. Upon investigation into existing data, we saw the opportunity to overhaul the shopping strategy to shift focus on high-margin, best-selling products.

During our regular consultations with the client, we learned the client had preconceived ideas on best-selling products, which was when we noticed discrepancies in Google Analytics.

By using this data to revamp reporting, we were able to shift focus to higher-value products. This strategy, in combination with the client’s need to push certain products, drove our shopping strategy and yielded significant gains year over year.

The Inflow Solution

Inflow was able to take a step back and analyze all the data from Analytics to develop a holistic approach to measuring success metrics. Considering a lot of traffic calls first to do research prior to purchasing (purchase also via phone), the team took into account lead volume and attribution in optimization efforts.

The team began improving both product related search campaigns, as well as Shopping campaigns.

Soon these leads are tracked by the client, who provides sales/revenue data for these leads, which confirmed the team’s hypothesis after looking at Analytics.


  • While costs increased ~9 percent, Revenue has grown ~199 percent

AdWords KPIs January 2016 – October 2016 YoY

Approximate cost increase

Behavior after changes

Conversion Increase

AdWords Shopping KPIs January 2016 – October 2016 YoY

  • Some of the biggest gains came from a focus on shopping, where revenue growth (186 percent) far outpaced costs (+48 percent).




AdWords Leads January 2016 – October 2016 YoY

  • With a combined increase in traffic (83 percent) and conversion rate (39 percent), overall transactions made significant gains (166 percent).
  • Overall lead calls increased 536 percent over this same time period.

AdWords Acquisitions

AdWords Leads Behavior

AdWords Leads Conversions

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