Sometimes it can be difficult to discover your audience online. Who are they? What are they looking for? How can you get in front of them without wasting resources reaching audiences that aren’t interested in your products? Research, testing, and segmentation can do wonders to help a brand draw in more qualified visitors – users who are more likely to make a purchase. One of the best places to start is by looking at your product categories like best-sellers, high margin items, etc. In this case study, our PPC team did just that in order to find the best audience opportunities for our client.

The Client: Bandages Plus

Bandages Plus is an eCommerce site that sells compression therapy supplies, bandages, tapes, ready-made kits and more.

Bandages Plus serves a unique audience specifically looking for their products.

Bandages Plus Website

We worked regularly with the client to test and explore new product targets via search traffic. Understanding who was already finding Bandages Plus and why helped to inform us of where to look next. We carefully studied Analytics data to see how we could methodically expand wins and scale back on losses.

Together we worked (with the client) to segment products into categories that included best sellers, high-margin items and others.

The categories were then reflected in shopping ad group segmentation, which allowed us to set bids according to profitability targets.

Our Approach

Once we had our blueprint set out, we ran regular tests on shopping structure (i.e., segmenting shopping campaigns to allow for bids on generic vs. product specific vs. brand search terms).

As Google Certified partners, we were able to implement new AdWords strategies, as they become available, prior to other agencies being able to implement the same tools and tactics.

Eventually, we expanded our campaign to include Bing based on successes in AdWords in relation to increased revenue.

The Result?

There were improvements in KPIs across the board except conversion rate and 50 percent increase in both Transactions and Revenue.

When looking at the numbers, it’s important to put them into context.

The increase (100%) in traffic and decrease in conversion rate (-27%) would be a concern, except:

  • Cost decreased 3%
  • Transactions increased 47%

The client enjoyed enhanced performance, as we constantly explored new traffic and optimization tactics and opportunities.

AdWords KPIs June 2016 – October 2016 YoY

PPC Case Study Screenshot Costs Down

Bounce Rate

PPC Case Study Screenshot - Transactions Up

  • Decreased costs 21 percent, while increasing transactions 380 percent
  • Proactively focused on account structure and select products to optimize ROAS

Shopping June 2016 – October 2016 YoY

PPC Case Study Screenshot - Costs Down

Sessions Up - PPC Case Study

Transactions Up! PPC Case Study

  • Overall traffic and transactions from PPC traffic show continual increase since May 2015 (with only a minor change in cost YoY).

All PPC Traffic Since May 2015

Bandages Plus All PPC Traffic

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