You can visit just about any SEO blog on the web and you’ll find a post telling you to avoid building nofollow links to your website, but that’s the advice you should be avoiding instead. There are several reasons why you should build incoming nofollow links to your website.

There are whole lot of people in the SEO industry that believe there is absolutely no value in gaining an incoming link with the nofollow attribute applied to it. Since the nofollow attribute basically means that the search engines will not follow the link, it’s assumed that it’s a waste of time to try to earn these.

NoFollow Links Still Send Traffic
The most obvious reason to gain these links is because they can still send traffic to your site. Who cares if your site doesn’t get any “link juice” from a nofollowed link if it still sends visitors? Those people could still become customers.

Some Search Engines DO COUNT NoFollow Links
The common belief of nofollowed links is that they don’t pass any link juice or do not contribute in any way to your rankings, but a post from David Leonhardt’s blog titled “Look who follows NoFollow links!” show that, according to his own test, Yahoo still counts nofollow links and that Google appears to follow them as well, just not to the same extent as Yahoo does. Even if these links don’t pass as much link juice as dofollow links, they still seem to count.

There is More Than Link Juice That Determine Link Value
Going on the assumption that nofollow links don’t pass much link juice, they still pass relevance. Just because Google doesn’t “count” the link, doesn’t mean that they don’t see what anchor text is being used. The anchor text is still showing the search engines what your site is about and is passing relevancy.

Some NoFollowed Links Are Very Trust-worthy
I (and others) also believe that nofollow links pass trust. If you have a link on Wikipedia for example, do you really believe that the search engines won’t pay attention to that link? If you can get links on highly trusted domains, whether they are nofollow or not, they will be taken into consideration by the search engines.

Keep It Real (and Natural)
Lastly, if you’re building incoming links to your site and almost all of them are dofollow links, your link profile is going to look very unnatural. A natural link profile will have nofollow links, dofollow links, different domains (.info., org, .com, etc.) and various types of anchor text (brand name, url only, keywords, “click here”, etc). This is how a link profile should look and this is how you build a trusted domain.

If you still put all your focus into avoiding nofollow links after this, you’re a lost cause.