How to Convert A List of Short URLs to Long URLs With Bulk URL Checker Tools

  1. Hi John, I’m not sure about an Excel module, but here’s a post with a spreadsheet you can download. Looks like it does what you’re looking for –

    I would use Screaming Frog. You can run a crawl and get a redirect chain report, which would show you where all URLs originate and end up. The free version allows 500 URLs, so if you don’t have the paid version and you have a big site, you could instead import 500 URLs at a time with the crawl depth set to 0.

  2. I would like to update a list of URL’s with http, get excel to follow the link and return the new URLS (https). Is this possible using an excel module?

    • Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a Windows environment to troubleshoot for you, but Xenu has not updated since 2010 so it should work the same as it did when this post was published. Sorry! If your site is under 500 pages you can use the free version of Screaming Frog and export the redirect chains report.

  3. Nice one Alex…

    Do you know if these follow multiple redirects? i.e. We had a case where we were pulling in a xml feed and it actually redirected 4 times before getting to the final url.

    • Great question Arif, thanks for the comment! I just set up a test URL on one my sites that redirects 5 times and tested it in all the tools. The only one of these methods that works is Xenu Link Sleuth. I added an image at the end of the post if you want to see what Xenu returns.

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