Are URLs Case-Sensitive? How to Redirect Uppercase URLs to Lowercase URLs Using Htaccess or httpd.conf

  1. The information you’re linking to on the askapache website is definitely NOT the way to redirect capitals to lowercase. It can bring down a server in a shared environment. You should cross-check your information before you write an article based solely on someone else’s incorrect info.

  2. I tried this and it worked to fix URL’s with bad capitalization; but it ‘broke’ my site. No images would load. Galleries were broken and I had to undo the changes.

    • I’m not an Apache expert but from what I understand, the .conf file can be named anything, as long as it has the .conf extension. So yes, I think that would work.

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for the guidance on this issue. We were looking for the url capitalization solution. So as you recommended in this article, we are going to use ‘httpd.conf file’ method for uppercase to lowercase redirection.
    But we also had set some manual redirects on our site based on editorial errors in past and some of these old urls also have uppercases in them. Do you think the new redirect rule will contradict with old manual redirects in some way? If yes, what would be the best work around?

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