We often get questioned from clients as to if or why they should bid on brand terms. Should money be devoted to this? Yes. Yes it should.

Let me lay out a few reasons why:

1) If you already rank number one in your organic listings for your brand term, you should still be bidding on this. First, by bidding on the brand term, you insure that you are taking up the top two slots – you’re getting “sticky” with potential clients. If ever have a drop in your organic listings, the PPC ads reinforce your search efforts.

2) Not everyone clicks on the organic results. You can do things with your ads that you can’t do with organic listings: tailored copy, sitelinks, special promotions, etc. You’re able to drive your marketing message.

3) Google is not going to prevent people from bidding on your terms. Competitors will try to steal your traffic if they can. In the cases of trademarked terms, Google is only going to prevent competitors from using your terms in the ads themselves. Affiliates are also known to use this strategy to “steal” business from the parent site. This really comes down the relationship you have with your affiliates, but we strongly discourage allowing affiliates to bid on your brand terms.

4) Branded terms are usually the cheapest ones in your account. When you bid on them, you’re going to increase your competitors costs and decrease their quality scores. (If you do decide to pause or turn off the keywords to test their efficacy, be prepared to pay more money for them when you turn them back on.)

At the end of the day, it makes sense to bid on your brand terms.