When we optimize eCommerce websites built on Magento, we often do the same things over and over again to increase conversion rates.  These optimizations are not limited to eCommerce sites built on Magento, but many Magento sites have  these pitfalls.

Magento CRO Tips

Our Top 5 Common Optimizations to Magento Sites:

  1. Items in Cart… Let me Guess Always give the number of items in the cart. We see clearly in Analytics that one of the top paths of supposedly “New” visitors is always directly to the Cart, which of course is empty. Cross-Device and Cross Browser make it imperative you let people know nothing is in there.
  2. Coupon? Let’s have a look…
    • A form field is possibly the most noticeable element on a page, so exposing one labeled with the words “Promo” or “Coupon” is sure to get people’s attention and send them off looking. The fact is, people with Coupons are incentivized to look a bit harder. Hide the form field, move it slightly off the purchase path and give a clear label consistent with your terminology, but avoid the word “Coupon” if possible.
  3. I just added to cart, right?
    • Often adding to cart results in a “bag” dropping down, which will not be seen or noticed if the user is scrolled down the page or the bag does not have decent contrast.
  4. Page 2 is #1
    • In Analytics normally, the first click on a Gallery page is “page 2.” When you reduce or eliminate Product Pagination, conversion rates go up. So, increase the number of results per page or go with dynamic loading to make for an endless scrolling experience.
  5. Pick the only color
    • On a product page, if the product is available in just one color, then default select that color. It makes no sense to throw an on-page validation error when users add to cart that says “please pick a color” when there is only one color. This goes for size and any other product attribute as well.

For more details and color on these optimizations, here is a recent interview from myself and Todd Barrs on the matter.

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