Post-Post-Holiday Party - Presentations & Contest Winners!

Post-Post-Holiday Party – Presentations & Contest Winners!

Posted by Chris Hickey on February 3rd, 2009 | Filed Under:

Last Thursday, we threw a party for Web Designers & Developers at our office.  It was a great success – we caught up with many old acquaintances and met many new folks as well.

The seOverflow team kicked off the night with a presentation – ’10 Tips On How To Optimize Your Web Design Business Site’.  Next up was Matt, Trey and Jimmy from 303 Software, with ‘An Introduction to Development-Ready Website Design‘.  303 is a local shop that specializes in custom web application development.

In addition to the presentations, seOverflow & 303 Software joined up to give away a couple awesome door prizes.  Without further ado, here are the winners!!!

Thanks to all who attended – we are already looking forward to doing this again!

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5 Comments on “Post-Post-Holiday Party – Presentations & Contest Winners!

    Great party guys! As always it was wonderful to see everyone and congratulations Erik and Kathy!

    I won something! I won something! I won a really cool thing! I’m buying a lottery ticket on the way home!!! Thanks guys!

    Great food and food for thought – thanks!

    Hey fellas,

    Thanks for the hospitality… your catering from La Central was great… and so were the beers ! Cheers to a successful 2009, glad to have you guys as neighbors !!!!!



    I just found out about this meeting I missed. What’s the best way to track these events?



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