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Chris Hickey

Sr. SEO Product Manager

Chris Hickey

For clients in need, Chris Hickey is your guy, indeed. As Inflow’s Sr. SEO Product Manager, Hickey is in charge of heading up the overall Inbound campaign strategies and providing clients with the best recommendations possible. He enjoys helping clients identify areas of opportunity, define goals, implement solutions and see the end results.

A graduate of Ohio University with degrees in international business and management information systems, Hickey has more than 12 years experience in all things SEO. Perhaps his greatest skill, aside from being crowned “Best Dad of 2013,” is his ability to bridge the gap between technically minded people and their polar opposites; a huge benefit in the internet marketing world.

Hickey is certified in Google Analytics and loves to dive deep into figuring out what the problems are with websites. He enjoys exploring sites offline, too. The best, though, is when he can combine the two passions like he did in 2004. After a chance meeting with two Google employees in a Mayan cave in Mexico, Hickey was able to coax them into giving him an email address from Google when Gmail was still in its beta stage.

When he’s not getting his kicks from analyzing, diagnosing and divulging remedies, this Ohio native is getting a dose of Vitamin D in the great outdoors of Colorado.

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