Inflow Technical SEO Case Study: Migrating to Evergreen Pages

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Cut the Blog, Migrate Performing Posts

Kent Barton, Chris Hickey, Mandy Mangold, Alex Juel, Glen McMurry of Inflow

From our Inbound Team


Increase in Organic Revenue


Result: After migrating pruned pages from the blog to the main site, organic traffic immediately went up 4.93 percent, organic transactions up 4.65 percent and organic revenue increased by 32.12 percent with sustained results.

The Inflow Solution

The decision was made to get rid of the blog and migrate five or six posts that were driving traffic as authoritative articles to the main site. We also redirected the rest of the URLs (approx. 100-200) that were of lower quality to related category pages.

The Results

Immediately after pruning/migrating the pages, organic traffic increased by 4.3 percent. In the following few weeks, organic traffic was up 4.9 percent, organic transactions were up 4.65 percent and organic revenue was up 32.12 percent.

CB GA after migration and pruning

As you can see in the above graph after the change was made in September, traffic stayed higher overall than the previous year before the changes had been made. By cutting out pages that weren’t doing any good, the organic traffic increased.

Though there were a few good pieces of content on the blog, they didn’t have the resources to produce a regular, high-quality blog. By making the move to get rid of a blog that had little to no ROI, Inflow was able to help CB World increase their bottom line.

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