Inflow Content Marketing Case Study, 188 Earned Links

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Stop Promoting, Start Connecting with Your Target Audience

Kent Barton, Chris Hickey, Mandy Mangold, Alex Juel, Glen McMurry of Inflow

From our Inbound Team

188 Backlinks from Effective Content Marketing


Result: 1,385 pageviews, from 1,200 unique visitors, 130 social shares, 188 backlinks – all within a few weeks

The Inflow Solution

Inflow’s team created a multi-expert interview piece with a roundup from dozens of popular like-minded bloggers from the targeted lifestyle realm. Each blogger was interviewed and asked about her daily routine with the central theme of Everyday Zen at the forefront. The collection of answers spoke to several different targeted audience personas for Gaia, and engaged readers on a level far deeper than a promotional piece ever could.

The bloggers featured in the multi-expert interview article all shared it with their regular readers, and the piece spread wide and far with several links pointing back to the blog on Gaia’s site.

As the article spread around the web, the Gaia DA saw a boost and it in turned helped their rankings, traffic and conversions!


Gaiam engage

Within the first few weeks of taking the piece live, it received 1,385 pageviews, from 1,200 unique visitors. Further showing that the piece connected with an engaged audience, we measured 130 social shares within those same weeks. Best of all, outside of social sharing, Giai gained a total of 188 backlinks. The increased pageviews, the social signals and solid backlinks all helped with overall SEO rankings.

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