How to Quickly Create Detailed Audience Personas on a Budget [Free Template]

  1. Hey Everett,

    Thanks for writing this article and sharing the techniques of Inbound Audience Profiles as per Inflow. It’s an interesting process.

    Thanks again,
    Dave at NinjaOutreach

  2. Excellent article. This is a new and growing tactic for SEOs and content marketers, including myself, but proving to be a fruitful one even if done at a small scale. One trick that I’ve learned through this process is to set up Advanced Segments in Google Analytics for each profile in order to see the products that only they bought, or content that only they consumed. Very helpful, indeed.

  3. In case anyone is wondering, it takes us about 10-15 hours to do a series of audience profiles for a client. This makes the process affordable and scalable for most inbound marketing businesses, even those of us coming from a strong technical SEO background.

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