Website user testing is now cheap on a per user test basis. Every website should undergo interface testing. If you need user experience testing, and at a great price, read this review.

I have been recommending User Testing for years. It used to take a lot of time, a lot of work and be a royal pain in the butt.  However, to increase conversion rates on a website, you do it, cause it yields the most insights compared to all the other tools in a CRO’s pocket.

That Was Then! When User Testing involved:

  1. Convincing the client of the value of user testing
  2. Convincing the client of the cost
  3. Convincing the client’s boss of the value and cost
  4. Booking a user testing facility (computer lab, or training room)
  5. Recruiting other eMarketing folks to monitor
  6. Recruiting target audience
  7. Developing handout materials
  8. Conducting and overseeing user tests
  9. Keeping users focused on goals
  10. Compensating users
  11. Going home and kissing the kids goodnight
  12. Reviewing notes as interpreted by monitors

There is a lot of pain in there. First, finding the right audience and getting them to actually show up is always a challenge. The part I hated the most was the time of day user tests were held since most users groups are held after work to allow for people’s schedules. Well, that was then.

This is now! When all you need to do is:

  1. Developer a user testing brief (demographics, goals)
  2. Submit new user testing session to
  3. Review videos

That’s it! is simple and effective. No, I am not being compensated in any way here, they don’t even have an affiliate program. They are the real thing. A service that makes a difference. Refreshing really.

How it works – Tell them what you want users to try and do, making sure your target demographic is clear. Typically it takes about three days to get the 10 user testers I want, as opposed to about 7 business days for setting up a User Test. It also costs $30/user test as opposed to about $150/user test the old way (My client’s costs have been cut in half as a result).

In order for me to illustrate how much their eCommerce site needed a major revision (I don’t believe in redesigns, but that is another post), I conducted a simple 10 user test session with

After watching a bit of three tests, the company stakeholder through up his hands and said, “WE SUCK.”

Here is what I suggest, get user testing for your site right away. Start with three tests just to get a feel for it and identify the big issues.

Get excited, you’re about to discover your site’s biggest issues.

By the way, the service I use is Full disclosure, we are partners (but we only partner with the best, so I think you’re good there).