The Best eCommerce Call Tracking Providers

  1. Call Tracking Metrics is the only one I’ve found that integrates with Shopify. We are very happy with their products and even their CEO has met with me to discuss features they lack. What more can you ask for.

  2. Mike, just wondering if you tried out the CallRail phone number pooling on the per keyword level. And if you have, does this now make CallRail just as good or better than Century?

    • yes we’ve tried it and most of our clients are on it now. I think this makes it way better in most cases. It is basically like the call becomes part of the Google Analytics session, not just a random page view by some server some where. It is pretty cool how CallRail built this. I didn’t think it was possible for a long time.

  3. “While CI also uses Javascript to retrieve and print the tracking number to your webpage, their code does not utilize number replacement, meaning your “real” number goes away entirely.”

    We use IfByPhone, which we’ve been happy with as a basic, cost effective solution for some of our smaller clients. It sounds like CI uses a similar javascript approach as IfByPhone. The solution we came up with was to leave the NAP standard phone number in place in a noscript tag.

    This should probably be done regardless to make sure that the small percentage of people who have javascript disabled have any phone number to call…

  4. Love your post Mike. We’ve been using Marchex Call Analytics for a while now. It works great but cost is way out of whack relative to call rail. We’re definitely going to check it out.

  5. Hey Mike,

    Appreciate the kind words and taking time to spread the call tracking Gospel. The value gets overlooked and it’s great to have you as an ambassador.

    CI would like to think we aren’t too “unknown” 🙂 as we have a large footprint in a variety of industries, especially automotive.

    Our ability to track calls down to the keyword level is very important. Too often the marketers are left in the dark and not getting credit where due. We’re happy to fix that.

    Also, one final point is your mention of tagging the call afterward. We love to see businesses take the extra couple seconds to identify the call afterward. Over a year ago we rolled out Humanatic which goes the next step. We have live, English speaking, reviewers listen to phone calls and quickly mark them as a new business opportunity or not. This allows for a much more manageable effort in listening to and reviewing your calls. Check out

    Thanks again Mike!

  6. Wow Mike, super valuable post for any local seo that grinds it out daily for their clients just to have them not appreciate or attribute their success in the right direction. Thanks so much for this post. I can wait to call these 2 companies tomorrow!

  7. I have used Marchex and it has been useful. Thanks for the tips on these tools. Has anyone else used MyNextCustomer? It sounds like a pretty good one for local call tracking, but I haven’t tried it.

  8. Mike, thanks for the great writeup and for the kind words about CallRail. We’re working hard to be the best call tracking provider for local businesses and agencies, and I sincerely appreciate the feedback.

    Our keyword-level call tracking feature, based on number pooling, will be released this month. (I’m using it already.) We’d love for you to give it a try and offer your feedback.

    Also, image swapping is available but currently undocumented. I’ll write those docs today and send them to you.

    Thanks again!

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