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Andrew Halfman

Paid Strategist

Andrew Halfman with wife at Red Rocks.

Andrew started his career in digital marketing back in 2014 where he learned a broad spectrum of digital disciplines including paid social, paid search and SEO. His passion lies on the paid side, because of its instantaneous gratification. He’s also an avid Amazon Prime member and has no shortage of bad jokes.

Andrew is Google Ads, Bing Ads and Google Analytics Certified. He has worked on a variety of industry verticals including Ecommerce, Tourism & Hospitality, Nonprofits, Healthcare, and Energy. One of his career highlights was being invited to speak at the Google Hangout Studio in Mountain View, CA on Google Ads and the Google Grant program for nonprofits.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and a master’s degree in Strategic Communication from Washington State University. He loves being able to utilize his formal education with his professional career on a daily basis.

Outside of the office, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He also loves to golf and ride his bicycle through the Colorado Mountains and the Texas Bayous.

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