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Neil Robertson

Sr. Paid Strategist

Neil Robertson playing drums

Neil Robertson is a Sr. Paid Strategist at Inflow and is involved in the strategy, management and reporting of clients’ paid marketing efforts. He also brings a social and SEO background to the table to ensure our clients are effectively reaching their audiences online.

Before joining Inflow, Robertson lead digital marketing for a food service eCommerce retailer after refining his PPC chops at a digital marketing agency where he ran SEM campaigns for large restaurant and retail franchises. He also helped establish a social media and content division within the agency — developing new products and strategies in order to offer a holistic approach to digital marketing. Prior to that, Robertson worked for two startups — a social media research firm and an outdoor apparel company. These two companies allowed him to cut his teeth in the world of marketing, branding and advertising in environments that demanded him to wear many hats. He brings this same energy, commitment and flexibility to Inflow.

Robertson graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in political science. Being a rare native but spending time growing up in different parts of the country, he is glad to be back in the great state of Colorado, while enjoying all it has to offer. He is also active in the arts scene where he can often be found behind the drums.

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