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Sara Downey Robinson


sara downey robinson

Sara Downey Robinson is a contributor for Inflow.

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on December 13th, 2016
social commerce instagram ads

We’ve seen a record number of businesses using Instagram as a platform for direct and indirect sales opportunities this holiday season. Instagram has 500 million active monthly users. What’s great is that Instagram is now a live shopping site for some brands, and it’s likely a full rollout will make it a reality for all Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on July 19th, 2016
ecommerce and periscope app

Periscope for eCommerce: A Perfect Pair Listen up, eCommerce brands! The early adopter gets the worm. Periscope has more than 10 million users. However, nowhere near that many are online streaming broadcasts, so if you are creating compelling, kickass content, then you actually have a chance of rising above the noise on Periscope. So, is Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on June 14th, 2016
pinterest profile management

In this post and accompanying guide, you’ll get everything you need to start using Pinterest like an expert, from account setup basics and best practices to optimize your brand profile, to tactics that will help you track performance and improve your Pinterest campaigns. Just like hundreds of millions of users, I love Pinterest for content Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on May 12th, 2016
facebook 101

Facebook eCommerce Page Setup and Best Practices Facebook is one of the most important places for a brand to have a strong presence. But what do you do to make sure you have a good presence and are not just one of the millions of brands creating noise out there?   Arguably, there are two Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on April 22nd, 2016
small business award from denver business journal

  Inflow was honored by the Denver Business Journal as part of the inaugural Small Business Awards on April 19, 2016. This award sought out to recognize small businesses that have excelled. The awards were broken down into tiers according to the number of employees a given company reports. Inflow placed fifth in the employee tier category of 21-29 Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on March 29th, 2016
everett sizemore to speak at search con

Inflow Director of Marketing Everett Sizemore will be speaking at SearchCon 2016. Sizemore will be presenting on Google’s Knowledge Graph, including steps brands can take to acquire, or change, a knowledge graph box in Google search results. SearchCon 2016 is in Breckenridge, Colorado on May 12 and 13. Sizemore has presented at recent events such as Confluence Conference 2015, Digital Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on November 20th, 2015
inflow donates turkeys to the denver rescue mission

Food insecurity is a very real problem in our country and around the world, and our team here at Inflow cares deeply about this issue. While we know we can’t solve everyone’s problems, we have teamed with the Denver Rescue Mission for the past three years to help where we can. Every November, we take part Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on October 7th, 2015
Everett sizemore personas on a budget at confluence conference

Inflow Director of R&D and Special Projects, Everett Sizemore presented at the Confluence Conference  in Oklahoma City, OK on September 10-11th 2015. Sizemore has a rich background in all aspects of inbound and digital marketing with a focus on eCommerce SEO. As a distinguished Moz Associate since 2010, he is a frequent contributor to the Moz blog Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on September 24th, 2015
Ways to Build More eCommerce Brand Evangelists Pt. 2

Exploring the multitudes of ways emails and employees create eCommerce brand evangelists would require its own blog. There are so many tactics and types of emails a company could send, that to really dissect how each one works, would be a massive read. Instead, I want to touch on a couple of ways that take little effort, Read More

Posted by Sara Downey Robinson on August 25th, 2015
SMX Milan

Inflow is pleased to announce that Everett Sizemore, Director of R&D and Special Projects, will be speaking at SMX Milan on November 11-13, 2015. A veteran SMX Advanced speaker, It will be Everett’s first time presenting at SMX Milan, where he’ll cover two topics: Audience Personas on a Budget and The Future of Google’s Knowledge Read More

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