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Tory Gray

Sr. SEO Consultant

Tory Gray Sr SEO Strategist 

Tory Gray is is senior digital strategy & SEO professional based in Asheville, North Carolina. She supports Inflow through planning SEO strategy for clients, as well as creating SEO process documentation & training fellow team members on SEO & strategy best practices.

Tory’s worked in digital agencies & in house B2C startup environments, in both marketing & product roles, bringing her a unique perspective on problem solving & business growth opportunities.

To achieve marketing success, she values and prioritizes a solid operational foundation, a digital strategy grounded in business & brand marketing goals, and an iterative approach to testing in order to grow traffic and conversions – in SEO and more broadly in digital marketing.

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Posted by Tory Gray on November 14th, 2019
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An SEO’s Perspective: How To Scale Quality Content Production

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Posted by Tory Gray on January 23rd, 2019
BigCommerce SEO Case Study: How to Improve SEO When Moving to BigCommerce

Home Science Tools migrated from Magento to BigCommerce. Here’s what happened to their SEO after the migration, and how they’ve improved it tremendously since. Read More

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