Configuring CallRail & Google Analytics 4: Free Tool

  1. Hi Mike, thank you so much for putting this together! I’m getting this error when I try to save the script:

    “appsscript.json” has errors: Found a service identifier used more than once: AnalyticsAdmin

    Then when I try to run the tool I get this error:

    GoogleJsonResponseException: API call to failed with error: The caller does not have permission

    Any thoughts on where I’m going wrong?

  2. I wish this existed before I updated all of our clients manually. This would have saved us so much time.

    2 notes for updates:

    1) It appears that GA4 no longer allows us to add gclid as a custom dimension so I commented out that part of the Script for me. I would assume that CallRail will probably have to make an adjustment on their end to account for that??

    2) It looks like CallRail has recently added an option to report first time callers and repeat callers as different events so I updated the script to add the conversion event first_time_phone_call since we only want to report on first time calls instead of all calls.

  3. I have the same issue as Mike D. reported. I only see Google Analytics API and Google Analytics Data API. I have tried both a gmail account and a workplace account. Am I missing something?

  4. I’m trying to use the integration tool, but ran into an issue. When I open the Apps Script and look for Google Analytics Admin API, the only options I’m shown (gor Google Analytics) are Google Analytics API and Google Analytics Data API. I would try to use one of those, but the identifier isn’t the same as the one you show, and I’m not sure if that will cause issues. Can you let me know if I should use one of the other options, or if there’s something else I should do?

    • If you check on the left of the sidebar you will see that AnalyticsAdmin is already there on the list. It was added automatically. No need to search on the list. Just go back to the spread sheet and paste the property ID. How can we add more dimensions to the script feature?

  5. Hey Mike, this tool is amazing. there are 2 things I wanted to share

    1) the apps script has B10 as the cell where the Property ID is listed, it’s actually B7 so it needs to be updated 3 times in the script

    2) every time I try to run the script to create the Custom Dimensions, there’s an error for gclid

    • Thanks Brian,
      I updated that cell reference in the script. What’s the error you are getting when trying to create the gclid custom dimension?

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