Mobile usage is up in every way, including shopping, which means you need to make sure your site’s mobile user experience is at least as good, if not better, than desktop.

About the Play

This play will show you how to reduce bounce rates, and improve your mobile navigation to increase user engagement and conversions. The Distracted Driver is from page twenty of our eCommerce Marketing Playbook, which outlines a total of nine eCommerce marketing tactics for SEO, PPC and Conversion Optimization.

Who’s It For?

eCommerce Marketers

Conversion Optimization Experts

When to Use It:

When mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop and key category page links are not easily viewable above the fold on your home page.

How to Execute The Distracted Driver

Top level categories need to be available outside of the mobile menu, especially on the homepage. A two-minute review of your site following the steps below will help you determine if prospective customers have the navigation they need while using your mobile site (without using the mobile menu).

Look at your mobile site’s homepage and deduce if the main product categories are present on above the fold, like on the screenshot below.

The Distracted Driver - Above the fold product categories

Whether on Desktop or Mobile, when people arrive on your homepage, especially new visitors, it’s important to showcase your main categories so users can quickly orient themselves and dive into the sections of your site most interesting to them.

This is especially true on mobile, as navigating on a small screen is inherently more challenging.

Showcasing your top categories above the fold on your mobile homepage such that the user does not have to use a hamburger menu or other main top navigation has been shown to decrease bounce rates, increase user engagement, and ultimately conversions to sales.

Other tips or info to help with execution

Open the mobile menu (hamburger icon), and look at the main categories. This is how you will know what should be present on the homepage.

Pitfalls or common mistakes to avoid

All of the main level navigation does not have to be visible, initially. As long as the categories are apparent above the fold so the user knows they are there when they land, that’s good enough.

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