7 Ways to Build Natural Content Promotion Into Your Blog Copy

  1. Thanks Mike!

    Just ran across a cool way to bake more promotion into your content – ‘highlight and share’. When you highlight words on a post you get a popup to share what’s highlighted via Twitter and/or Facebook.

    A quick search resulted in a couple WP plugins to enable this functionality. One looks like it’s just for Twitter, the other for Twitter and Facebook.


  2. Great tips Mike!

    If you do any kind of review content on a regular basis you could create a badge (e.g. “Editor’s Pick!” or “5 out of 5 Stars”) and fire off a friendly email to the recipient of the good review.

    If you publish educational content you could have a certification course, which would provide graduates with trust badges (e.g. ACME Building Course [ABC] Certified).

    Tying several pieces of content together in supportive ways can also be thought of as banking-in the promotion. For example, an infographic supporting an in-depth article, or a press release and a blog post both supporting a newsworthy whitepaper. A Linked-In blog post can support a PDF Guide download, which is embedded behind a gated content form in an on-site blog post. The combinations are endless and the cool thing is you can set different goals and have different audiences for each one – the part that gets “baked in” is the promotion of the main content piece.

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