What is Facebook Business Manager? How to Configure the Settings

  1. I have an ex: employee who has ownership of our business page.
    I have requested access to the page in business manager which she sees as a request.
    When she goes to approve the request she receives a “Something went wrong” error.
    Very vague – any ideas on what it might be?

  2. Hello,
    our business still reads as “Unverified” under the Business Settings in our Facebook Business Page, even though we’ve added our Facebook Page, Admins, and verified our website domain. Any reasons as to why it is not verified?

  3. Hi Andrew!

    I hope you can help us. On our business manager, the actual owner (Nicola) has this pesky little briefcase icon next to her name. We have deleted and re-created her emloyer details on her private FB page, it hasn’t changed it. Her employer is her FB community page, she is noted as founder.

    FB business page: Inspirational Breathing
    she is Nicola Price, the founder

    When I look on the page history in business manager, her name used to appear with her profile picture next to it until an entry on the 16thof April 20, when she joined another FB group. On the latest entry of 13.5.20 she suddenly has the briefcase icon next to her name instead of her profile pictures.
    Shortly before the 13th I joined her business account as admit etc (except for financial insight). She already had the briefcase icon then instead of her profile picture.

    Do you have any idea what might have happened and how I can fix this? That would be amazing1

    Thank you so much!

  4. My question is how do I undo having my Page being managed by a Business Manager account?

  5. Hi. An ex employee has seems to be a business manager on our company’s Facebook page. I cannot seem to find a way to delete it. I don’t think she has been given access to anything is particular but her name still appears in the drop down menu of the Facebook page. Please help.

  6. The current owner on our Visit Idaho Facebook page is our ad agency. The owner should be the Idaho State Tourism office. I am currently an admin and have tried to change ownership but have not been able to. Not even sure how they became the owner. Any suggestions?

  7. Hello, I have a simple question that I can’t find answer to anywhere. I have an umbrella company that runs 4 online stores with 4 separate FB pages.
    Do I set up 1 business with 4 pages as assets, or 4 separate businesses for each FB page (store)?
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi, I’m trying to set up a business manager account and I’ve filled out all of my information, made it all the way to the ‘submit’ button and when I click it, nothing happens. It greys out for a second but goes back to being blue and the information window is still there unchanged. I’ve done this 4 times, all in different windows. I can’t figure out what’s wrong or what I can do to make it go through. Please help.

  9. Hello! I have a business with an email address guestservies@… The employee managing that email for me is no longer with the company but we still use the email address to field guest service questions. I would like the new employee to sign in using the guestservices@… email address. How do I disconnect the personal Facebook account of my former employee from the guest services email address?

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for checking out the blog post and for the question. If you have access to the guestservices login, then you should be able to login through that, navigate to Business Settings within Business Manager, and select People under Users. Find the login, and then you can update the email from there.

      If you aren’t able to do that, you could try removing the email from business manager, and then add the new employee connect from there.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Hi – We use FBM at our company but quite a new adopter. I have added an employee via their work email but they can’t log in. FBM asks them for a password but it’s not clear what that should be. It would make sense if FBM asked them to set one. I’ve searched online but can’t see any information on it. Trying to get this roled out but can’t get past this first hurdle. Any help appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi, Rachel — Your employee will need to log in with their own personal Facebook email to verify their identity before they can be added to the Facebook Business Manager account. Her personal password will be what’s required.

  11. Hello.
    I am searching for a way to deactivate my personal facebook account but still be able to manage my two business pages.
    Can anyone help me with that?
    If I create a Business Manager account and add the two pages, will I be able to deactivate my personal account?
    Or if I create a new personal account then create a Business Manager account for managing others pages, then add the two pages, will I be able then to deactivate my first personal account?
    Any help please? Thanks.

    • Hi Dalia,

      Good question. At this point in time, Facebook requires a personal page to be connected to the Business Manager. This is to help ensure verified Facebook users are the only ones who can access Business Manager. This helps promote a healthy advertising ecosystem by reducing spam/bot behavior.

      You could potentially create a new personal account and connect that to the business manager. Once that’s verified, you can add a new user to the account.

      Thanks for checking out our article and for the comments!

  12. Hello there,

    I am really wanting to create a Business Manager Account, however, I do not want to be personally tied to the account at all. Will the user name and password of the business manager account automatically be the same as my personal account? I am hoping the user name and password can be different from my personal account so I am not tied to it! Than you in advance!

    • Hi Michaela,

      We definitely understand your concern here! When setting up the Business Manager account for the first time, you need to use an existing personal account to log in so that FB can confirm your identity. Once you have this created, FB does highlight being able to “Keep your work and personal life separate“. You could also add your work email to Business Manager and access it from there. However, you will still need to verify your personal account and connect it to your work email when first logging in.

      Hope this helps! Thanks for the comment!

    • Hi Michaela,

      Thanks for the comment. Facebook does initially require a personal account to be utilized for identity verification purposes. “You must have a personal Facebook username and password to sign into Business Manager.”

      You can keep your personal login separate, however, and send an invite to your business email. Facebook assures users that nothing you do in Facebook for Business will be shared to your personal Facebook. Within the Business Manager account, the email address that shows up can also be your business email.

      There’s no doubt that the Facebook access ecosystem is a bit tricky to navigate. I hope this helps!


  13. Hi I’m trying to set up a business manage account for my business page and I find it so frustrating My business page is Louis Carr Photography> I also have a personal page Louis Carr.
    When I have the “add you business details” filled in I get The following

    It looks like you’re trying to create a new business using shared login details (a gray account). To confirm your identity, you need to log in with the username and password you use for your personal Facebook account. Nothing from your personal account will be shared with the business

    Can some body please help me with this?

    • Hi Louis,

      Great question! When setting up a Business Manager account, the user needs to log in with their personal log in credentials so Facebook can validate the login as an actual user. The business email you put in can be used as the official contact information for Business Manager. You can also use your business email to manage the account. Your personal account is only connected for administrative purposes, and users will not see or have access to any of your personal account information via Business Manager.

      Here’s some official language on it from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1710077379203657?helpref=faq_content

      Hope this answers your question, Louis!

  14. I have been using the same business manager for over a year and today all of the access has vanished – the account itself has vanished. Any idea why this would be beyond someone deleting it? An expired email perhaps?

    • Hi Paige,

      We haven’t experienced this before but we did some digging.
      Looks like you need to make sure you’re logged into facebook under your personal profile and then go to business.facebook.com and you should see an overview of all of the pages and accounts you have access to. (If you see a login or signup you aren’t logged into your account). If that doesn’t work you will probably have to contact facebook directly.
      Hope that helps!

  15. Hi, I need to add a third account to my business manager but when I try it doesnt let me, any ideas?

  16. I am being forced to create a business manager account as soon as I enter my personal account information. I want a business manager account, I might have accidentally did this yesterday, but it kept saying to come back later something went wrong, so I thought nothing happened to create one.’

    Now when I am asked to create a business manager account after trying to login to my personal account, there is no other options – it asks me to move the pages over I am an admin on along with my ads account, I press continue, then it says login with your personal email address, so I do and then it says “The ad accounts and pages using “my email address” to login will be linked to a business manager account. Please sign in using your personal account to continue. Don’t login using “my email address”.”

    This is the exact same email I am entering on the first page to login as the last page. Can this be a glitch where I might have a business manager page and personal account merged together with one email? I have spent hours trying to figure this out and I NEED to fix this. I am an admin on many client pages, and my add account is running through my personal account. It is my genuine account and is not a fake one. I don’t understand what is going on and can’t find anything to help me. PLEASE HELP!!!

  17. How can I put my company logo onto the business manager home page? At the moment I just have the generic suitcase symbol. It worked for the first couple of pages I added, but not for the last few. Thanking you.

  18. I cannot share or like other businesses as my business page in business manager?

    The shares revert to my personal page and in fact the share button isn’t working at all when I try and search for another business from business manager?

    Any thoughts …. Thanks

  19. Hello. We have been using business manager for the last few months, but still cannot figure out how to “like” other pages so they will appear in our news feed. Any tips?


    • Mary, awesome question! It does appear to be a little hard to find. You must go to a page when you’re logged in with your business manager account, then click the 3-dotted line on the top-right, next to “Share.” Select the option “Like As Your Page.”

      If you are only managing one page, this should be it. If you’re managing multiple, you’ll be given a dropdown asking you which page you’d like to “like” this page from.

      Hope this helps. Thanks & let us know if you have further questions!

      • Million Dollar Question?

        So I set up an ad with someone and it has expired how do I remove payment details I’m only setup as an admin and an employee on my page.

        • I already made it inactive set it up for deletion but still cc is in the payment area won’t let me just delete.

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