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Director of Marketing, Inflow

Everett Sizemore has been involved in the SEO and eCommerce industries since the 1990s. As Inflow's Marketing Director, he develops and implements the overall internal marketing strategy.

Everett says the most valuable skill in career has been the ability to communicate effectively with development teams, as well as fellow marketers. As you probably know, those two groups seem to speak different languages sometimes.

In 2001, at the age of 24, Sizemore started his first eCommerce store, and it was successful enough to pay his way through college. While younger schoolmates were testing the limits of their livers, Sizemore was testing product descriptions and SEO tactics.

A graduate of Bond University in Australia with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism, Sizemore had hoped to land a job as a reporter, but instead learned the ins-and-outs of SEO as a copywriter for Associated Content - now the Yahoo! Publisher Network.

For the better part of a decade, he’s been using his extensive skill set to constantly grow and develop successful SEO strategies for enterprise-level eCommerce websites, and hyper-competitive niches like coupon codes and shopping comparison sites.

As the former manager of Gaiam's SEO department, Sizemore’s experience working in a corporate environment gives him the know-how needed to understand the requirements and roadblocks faced by managers in large organizations who outsource SEO and related tasks. He is able to solve complicated technical issues that the average search marketer may not understand, and the average developer may not see as a problem.

Everett Sizemore has been a speaker at Search Marketing Expo (SMX Advanced, SMX East and SMX Milan), The Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability conference (LOHAS), Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association (RMDMA), Confluence — and was a guest lecturer for the Internet marketing class at University of Denver in 2008 and 2009.

He has written for Search Engine Journal, Moz.com, SEO ROI and many other industry publications, and has been interviewed by Full Sail University, Business Consulting Buzz, and several other marketing industry websites. Sizemore has been a Moz Associate since 2010.

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