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Everett Sizemore


Director of R&D and Special Projects

With a knack for online marketing and a passion for search engine optimization, it was fate (and a few mutual SEO contracts) that brought Everett Sizemore, now Inflow's Director of Research and Development, and Inflow's president, Mike Belasco, into business together.

A graduate of Bond University in Australia with a BA in journalism, Sizemore fully expected to land a job as a reporter, but instead
learned the ins and outs of SEO as a copywriter for Associated Content - now the Yahoo! Publisher Network. And for the better part of a decade, he’s been using his extensive skill set to constantly grow and develop successful SEO strategies for enterprise-level eCommerce websites and hyper-competitive niches.

As the former manager of Gaiam's SEO department, Sizemore’s experience working in a corporate environment gives him the know-how needed to understand the requirements and roadblocks faced by managers in large organizations who outsource SEO and related tasks. He is able to solve complicated technical issues that the average search marketer may not understand, and the average developer may not see as a problem.

And he’s very good at it, to boot. Sizemore received a First Place 2010 SEMMY Award for Best SEO Blog Post, which can be found on his site, and has been a Moz Associate since 2010.

Everett has been a speaker at Search Marketing Expo (SMX), The Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability conference (LOHAS), Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association (RMDMA), and a guest lecturer for the Internet Marketing class at University of Denver in 2008 and 2009. He has written for Search Engine Journal, Moz.com, SEO ROI, and many other industry publications, and has been interviewed by Full Sail University, Business Consulting Buzz, and several and other marketing industry websites.

Everett Sizemore lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural southwestern Virginia where he divides his time between fatherhood, online marketing, glass blowing and homesteading.

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