10 Best eCommerce Marketing Automation Systems Compared

  1. Hi, Thanks for this detailed write-up on the marketing automation systems. The article is well optimized and worth reading. Please keep sharing about marketing automation.

  2. Great Analysis! Got a lot of valuable insights about popular Marketing Automation Systems and their pros & cons. It will help people to choose the right one for their business. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much sir for the valuable information. I have been following you since last 2 years, you articles are so nice.

  4. I agree with @Ruba, the analysis is really great and detailed!
    At my eCommerce business, we switched to ContactPigeon in 2018 (from Mailchimp), since they provide really advanced url-specific rules and automations, that literally let you set up anything. Another bonus is that we now know exactly which campaign produced what income (either automated or on-demand). Btw, in the past, I’ve also used SendinBlue for my clients but wasn’t so impressed. I think I’ve found a new favorite for now. Has anyone tried Kevy?

  5. I would like to add ActiveTrail to this article and be compared with those platform cause I am currently with ActiveTrail now and I’m really doing well with it, the price is so reasonable, my emails are sent 95% direct to the inbox, more and more new features are coming and upgrading, the list can hold a huge number of contacts, my trial went well and after my demo account the email provider offer me a one on one demo so I try it, it’s all worth it.

  6. Wow, how does this post not have more comments! It’s super helpful, Mike! I’m currently researching the best tool to use for one of my client’s stores. You know exactly which features are important to create effective marketing automation for e-commerce. Your ‘disadvantages’ sections show that you didn’t just scratch the surface. This was a great read and a great resource to find a suitable tool for e-commerce automation!

  7. Thanks for the comparison. There are lots of details. I’m also considering GetResponse for marketing automation.

  8. nice post…thanks for the detailed yet concise rundown on the vendors. I’ve been looking for potential tools to replace our current vendor and one that keeps coming up is Zaius.com. What are your thoughts on how they stack up compared to a Kevy or Windsor Circle?

  9. Thanks for the nice post. Let me kindly suggest to include SALESmanago. They are number one for ecommerce. Full marketing automation with strong focus on ecommerce.

  10. Thanks for your post! Really interesting, Marketing Automation is becoming a must-have for any ecommerce websites, and it is clearly not easy to choose an appropriate solution.

    If you include Hubspot, which is not made for ecommerce initially, we may include other “generalist” marketing automation tools. I’m thinking of InfusionSoft, Autopilot or SendinBlue.

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