15 eCommerce Holiday Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales & Revenue

  1. It was interesting, Mike! The Holiday season is when consumers ride the horses of expectations, and as brand owners and marketers, we must provide our customers with what they want. Therefore, holiday shopping strategies must be customized to meet client expectations and create a win-win situation for both customers and businesses. After all, now is the time to expand your client base, and by offering something more to them, we may reach or even surpass our sales objectives.

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Mike Belasco has been an entrepreneur and digital marketer since 2003. He’s been the CEO of Inflow (founded as seOverflow) since 2007 and has led Inflow to five Denver’s Fastest-Growing Private Company awards and three Inc. 5000 awards. In 2009, he also founded ConversionIQ, which was acquired by Inflow in 2014.

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