Pay per click is a constantly evolving landscape – whether it’s new competitors entering the competitive stage, or Google adding a new feature, or even a new tool coming along to help you deal with all of the changes. The changes are part of what keeps PPC fresh for us working in the field. The challenge for every PPC manager is staying on top of all of these changes so you keep the account zooming along like a racecar (not as some fly-by-night agencies attempt to manage accounts by changing their clients’ oil every 3-5k miles… essentially ignoring everything else that needs to be done for accounts. Really the argument of what’s management vs. optimization – but this is an entirely different discussion.)


Below are a list of some of the things every PPC manager needs to be aware of and on top of inside a client’s account:

  1. Budget management
  2. BING
  3. Account settings
  4. Ad group organization
  5. Keyword considerations
  6. Landing pages
  7. Conversion tracking


Budget management

Managing a budget is a huge challenge. Let’s face it, not all of our clients have an unlimited budget at their disposal. Finding inexpensive keywords is not always a solution – especially in the law, medical, and insurance industries. Budgets can easily exceed what we’ve set for the account, and there are not a lot of easy solutions for this.

A limited budget can also limit your highest performing campaigns. A few options available are day-parting the account, continually searching through your search query report to uncover irrelevant keyword terms that are coming into the report, sticking to phrase & exact match exclusively and/or praying to your old/new god of choice.

Just remember that if you are sticking to the phrase/exact match scenario that keyword expands are going to be limited–you’re going to miss out on expanding your account.


Migrating your account from Google to BING

BING is something that you have to consider for your clients (it’s how you’re going to reach the Microsoft/Yahoo people out there). At seOverflow, we often have clients that are only advertising on Google. As an account matures and/or more budget becomes available, you really need to take a look at moving the client to BING. This transition is especially important in the eCommerce world. We suggest moving over your highest performing campaigns/ad groups, and then optimizing them on BING as the account progresses.

BING’s audience behavior is often different–ad copy responses and even keywords that are most successful are often very different here, and you need to be prepared to react differently in this space. Essentially, you can’t use the same cookie cutter approach you’ve developed for AdWords and expect it to be as successful on BING .

Stay tuned for part 2 of the PPC Challenges…..